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Year 6

5.7.19 Our awesome day at Swadlincote Ski-Centre!

2.7.19 The Book Bus comes to visit St. Anne's

St. Thomas More Art

St. Thomas More Art Activity 


A few weeks ago, six Y6 children were invited to St. Thomas More to take part in an art activity of creating clay leaves. They then came back to our Y6 classroom and taught us all how to create the leaves ourselves. The leaves have now been sent back to St. Thomas More to be glazed, we will then receive them back to create a collective piece of art for our school.

SCIENCE DAY 18.6.19 


Question of the day: What are the forces of flight?


As we have learnt about Amelia Earhart (the first female to fly across the Atlantic) in our Wonder Women topic, we decided to investigate the forces of flight. 


First we investigated air pressure and carried out an experiment on an empty drinks can, heating it up on a gas stove then plunging it into a bowl of cold water - see the photos for the results!


We then investigated thrust by carrying our a fair test with fizzy vitamin C tablets and water (which we had at various temperatures). The chemical reaction between the two things caused the poppers of the test tubes to be thrust into the air! Which temperature do you think caused the popper to be thrust quickest and highest in the air? Ask one a Y6 to see if you are correct!


So, in answer to our QOTD: air pressure, thrust, drag, weight and lift!

Air Pressure: The Can Experiment

Thrust: The Test Tube Experiment

Science investigation 5.6.19

Check out the letter we received from The British Aviation Group below asking us to complete a science investigation for them! 

Letter from The British Aviation Group

Well done to all of Y6 for organising a fabulous fundraiser! We had Bingo, netball & football shoot-outs, a colouring competition and an afternoon of appointments in the 'Beauty Room'. 

Thank you to all children (and adults) who supported us over the course of the day, we raised a whopping £240 which will go towards our school trip in July. 

Thank you!


Fish and Chip Lunch - post SATs treat

Welcome to Year 6's page for the school year 2018-2019. As always, this is an immensely important year for the children, not only containing their SATs tests in May (see below), but also being the year in which they are preparing for the move to Secondary School, next September.


All of the staff will strive to make the year both enjoyable and successful for each member of the class. Events and information will be displayed on this page throughout the year for you to follow us on our journey. Should you need any further information, or need to speak to any member of our team, please ask the office to make an appointment.

Boosters will start in the week beginning 14th January.  




Mrs Thorneycroft

Friday 8-8.45

Ms Gillan

Tuesday 8-8.45

Ms Oates

Thursday 3.15-4.00

Mrs Wroe

Thursday 3.15-4.00

Ms Neal

Thursday 8-8.45








Millie F




















Mrs Donnelly

Wednesday and Thursday 8-8.45

Mrs Harris

Wednesday 8-8.45

Mrs Donnelly

Monday and Tuesday 8-8.45

Mrs Burdett

Friday morning





Millie F




























Millie B





Useful websites for revision:

SATs preparation meeting January

Easter Egg Hunt

Local Councillors Visit

Today two local Councillors visited Year 6.  Year 6 asked them a range of questions including:

- What is your favourite part of the job? Why?

- How do you become a member of Council?

-  How do you deal with aggressive behaviour in debates?

- What do you do to help improve our local area?

-Would you like to become Prime Minister one day?

- What do you do as a local Councillor?

- How will leaving the EU impact people in Warwickshire?

- Do you agree with leaving the EU?

- Why do we now need to pay for our green bins? Do you agree with this?


In Topic, we created our own persuasive travel brochures ready for Mrs Harris to use on her honeymoon to New York

Travel brochures

We have been working hard on writing Titanic newspaper reports - read all about it!

22.3.19 Bikeability - Level 2


Today Dawid, Oliwier, Declan, Harry, Gracie, Adam, Connie, Ethan, Amalia, Alyssa and Amelka all passed their Level 1 bike course. Well done all! They mastered important bike skills on the school playground.  Next Friday, they will complete Level 2 out on local roads.   

Science Investigation


Today we planned and carried out a science investigation linked to our topic of the Titanic.


Children came up with the following investigation questions: 

Does a salt-water iceberg float better than a fresh-water iceberg?

Does the shape of an iceberg effect how much it sinks below the water line?


Want to find out the results? Ask a Y6 child and they will tell you!


Designing and testing our own lifeboats

Safer Internet Day 5.02.19

Safer Internet Day - In Y6 we discussed permission and consent when it comes to sharing things online. As this link closing to social media, we debated a hot-topic for Y6 children; 'Should Y6 children be allowed to use social media sites?' 


With 15 voting 'No' and 10 voting 'Yes' (and 2 undecided) the class was split, making for a great debate! Children raised issues such as cyber-bullying, sharing of photos and not always knowing who you are talking to support their 'No' votes, whereas the 'Yes' camp thought social media could be used as long as parents/carers give their permission. They also argued it is a good way of keeping in touch with family and friends and the fact that you can make accounts private. A great mixture of opinions on something which is often discussed.


From a school's point of view, we always recommend following legal ages specified by the various social media platforms.

Our Titanic introduction

Titanic Homework

Year 6 Celebrate UK Parliament Week!

Last week Y6 celebrated UK Parliament Week which is an annual festival aiming to engage people from across the UK with Parliament, explores what it means to them and empowers them to get involved.


Posed with the question; 'Should the legal age to vote be lowered', Y6 debated the subject and then deposited their votes in our very own ballot box. Our trusty vote-counters totted up the votes and revealed the results; ask a member of Y6 to find out the outcome!

This term Year 6 will have PE sessions on Thursday PM and Friday PM. We would ask that children bring appropriate kit for both inside and outside, as sessions will be dependent on the weather and the availability of the hall.
In November we took a trip down to Riversley Park to look at the War Memorials and visit the museum. This was part of our topic for this term of War.  We acknowledged the sacrifice that so many made for us, by looking and at and paying respect to the various memorials located in our park. At the museum we were given a talk on the Great War and many of us helped by participating and acting roles.

World War Homework Autumn Term

These are some of the amazing War project items that our class produced for their homework during the Autumn term.
SATs Dates 2019
Date Subject Time
Monday 13th May GPS TBC
  Spelling TBC
Tuesday 14th May Reading TBC
Wednesday 15th May Maths 1 Arithmetic TBC
  Maths 2 Reasoning 1 TBC
Thursday 16th May Maths 3 Reasoning 2 TBC


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