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Year 5

Mexico Day


To tie in with our Mexico topic, Year 5 had a Mexican day at school. We learnt how to speak in Spanish, all about the Day of the Dead, used our art skills to create a Mexican flag and used our design skills to create a 3D sugar skull. Alongside this, we conducted a taste test using our senses and discovered not to judge a food by the way it looks – yes guacamole, we’re talking about you. The foods we tasted were sour cream, nacho cheese, hot salsa and guacamole. We had a great time and are looking forward to learning more about Mexico!



Bellatrix Le Snake 


As part of our topic work, Year 5 and were visited by a special guest this week – Bellatrix Le Snake! It was a real treat for the children! They got to stroke her and were told all sorts of interesting facts about how to care for and look after snakes! The children were full of questions and were very sensible when handling her.  She was a very well-behaved guest and we would love to see her again!





Anglo-Saxon Day


As part of our Anglo-Saxon topic, Year 5 were treated to an inspiring workshop all about Anglo-Saxon life. The children experienced Saxon England, from the hierarchy and etiquette of the Lord’s Hall, the language and the story of Beowulf, through to the burial of a Saxon king. 



Deforestation Debate 


This term, Year 5 have been learning all about Mexico . We have learnt about the huge impact that deforestation has had on the Lacandon Rainforest.  The children all researched and presented the pros and cons of chopping down one of our most treasured, natural resources. As a result of our research, we had a class debate – where we discussed the positives and negatives of logging. We had a fantastic time and were able to debate and present our opinions and views while counter-arguing with classmates. We were able to present our case to each other, while taking on-board the thoughts and opinions of others.


Martial Arts Taster 


Ever wanted to know how to defend yourself? Well, this term Year 5 had a taster session in martial arts! They were all taught all about balance, weight distribution, hand eye coordination, technique and the discipline needed to be a martial arts master! All of the exercises were carefully designed to help the children have fun and to give a great cardio workout. It was a positive, high energy session for all involved.



Autumn 1



Hear and Listen well, and I will tell you a tale that has been told for a thousand years and more. It maybe an old story, yet it troubles and terrifies us now as much as it ever did, for we still fear the evil that stalks out there in the darkness and beyond. "Michael Morpurgo - Beowulf"

The children will be looking at the classic fiction story and writing as journalists about the terrifying attack on the mead-hall. The children will also have an opportunity to write the final battle scene between Grendel and Beowulf, applying the grammar they have been taught. (Prepositions and Relative clauses)


The children will finally study classic poetry looking at "The Walrus and the Carpenter by Lewis Carroll"

They will answer comprehension questions, make wanted posters and write the story from another point of view.



Sail back to the Dark Ages, where battles were rife and fear reigned. Year 5 will find out about the life of the Saxon's, including how they lived and where they came from. The children will be designing and making Saxon shields, as well as using Saxon Runes to write their names and using Roman Numerals.

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