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Year 4

Today was Science Day! Year 4 completed two investigations in class for our States of Matter topic. The first one was to test the weight of carbon dioxide in different fizzy drinks! The second was to investigate how states of matter can change.

Year 4, had an amazing time on the retreat at St Cassians Centre. On day one we enjoyed a sing-song around the camp fire, a treasure hunt, sampled the tuck shop and bought some handy torches and pens, had a quiz, said our evening prayers around candle tree and feasted like Kings! On the second day, we watched the film Inside Out in their home cinema, created a team chant and song, made a faith island and said our final goodbye and prayers of the visit.

For Power Week, we spent time collaborating on different pieces of artwork for each station of the Stations of the Cross. We used different techniques for each station including stippling, sponging and collage. 

Thanks to everyone who came to watch the children in Year 3 and Year 4 in their special Stations of the Cross production.  I hope you agree that it was a wonderful and moving performance. The Stations of the Cross are a 14-step Catholic devotion that commemorates Jesus Christ's last day on Earth as a man. At each station, the children retold a specific event from Christ's last day. The children did an amazing job of presenting this through drama and song. I hope that you as proud of them as we are!

We went on a trip to the Black Country Living Musuem. We spent the day learning about a young man called Ernest Shepman, who was a soldier in the First World War. We did a WW1 trail around the village and learnt a lot about life in the times of the war. As well as this, we learnt how people used to live, eat and work in the Black Country. We were very impressed by how differnent life was  back then and this visit was helpful preparation for our new Highwayman topic. 

Shakespeare Week

For Shakespeare week, Year 4 learnt Shakespeare’s famous comedy Twelfth Night. They acted out the story using the Whoosh acting method. This was great for creating tension and atmosphere to their play. They worked as a team and really developed their acting skills.

William the Conqueror debate

Year 4, decided to have a debate about William the Conqueror. They were asked the question after studying him, if his disloyal subjects should have their homes and lands burnt to the ground for not following the King's instructions. The children put together a for/against arguement then took to debating it. They were given a number and asked to debate their point even if they didn't agree with it! Things became very interesting and the children took their roles very seriously! They were then asked to write about it they agreed with their debating role and why or why not. 

Shakespeare Tour Guide Visit

On 25th Febraury, Year 4 spent a day guiding in Shakespeare’s Birthplace, his New Place home and at Halls Croft. The children took up their roles as guides, bringing with them 50 other pupils from school who were invited to see them in action. 

‘I felt nervous and proud. It was like a miracle to be able to guide’


As well as seeing their friends guiding, the children were able to look around some of the other rooms in the houses. The children and staff all had an amazing day together! The children know a lot about the three important Shakespeare houses and this will tie into their current topic - Macbeth! 

This year we will be heading to Stratford Upon Avon to work as tour guides for the Shakespeare trust. In preparation for this, we learnt how to write with quills and ink! We also learnt how to seal our writing with wax! We've learnt lots about Shakespeare and are looking forward to our visit!

Year 4 had an exciting visitor. A WW1 soldier came into school and taught the children all about life in the trenches! They got to experience drill, recruitment, object handling and spoke to a real life Tommy!

Year 4 made poppies and wrote messages to remember the soldiers of the First World War. We visited a local war memorial to lay the wreaths and to find out about the history of those that served in the local area. They found out a lot about what life was like as a miner and a soldier in the war. We were invited back to visit next year!

Year 4 learnt how to fence! It was great fun. We learnt how to lunge, how to defend ourselves and how to move with accuracy.

We also have a weekly collective worship. The children have started leading their own sessions. During collective worship we explore and understand the values at the heart of our daily, catholic life. From forgiveness and humility, to gratitude and justice, collective worship gives us a space and time to reflect.

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