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Year 3

Hi all,


Thank you to all of your for all of your hard work and being so supportive of your children's learning. 


A quick reminder - if your child is in school at the moment - we have PE on a Tuesday and a Thursday. 



We have been learning about homophones and how different words can sound the same, but have different meanings. We learnt that there are a LOT of homophones and we learnt a helpful dance to help us remember them. 


In our topic lessons ,we have been learning about the different types of tools that the Stone Age people used. We mimed out using some of those tools to help us with writing a set of instructions for making our own Stone Age Axes and Stone Age fires. 


In English, we have been learning all about the Stone Age Boy. We have been writing a diary as though we were magically transported back in time to the Stone Age. We used drama to help us think of the different types of 'problems' we might meet in the Stone Age. As you can see some of us were worried that we might encounter a fierce bear! 

We have been learning about belonging at school. How we belong in school, with our families, with the Church and with the local area. We spent some time talking about the things that make us feel safe and part of a community. 


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