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Year 3


Summer term

MAC Sports Day


Well done to everyone that competed in the MAC Sports Day, the children were very pleased to come back to school with medals and trophies!! 


Attendance treat


We all had an amazing time at the theatre today watching Horrible Histories. Well done to everyone for working hard and coming into school every day!





Wonder Women


We have been exploring sports and whether or not men and women should be allowed to compete together. We debated this topic and as a class decided that men and women should compete together because we are all equal. After this, we carried out our own Olympic Games and competed in four different races:

- Running

- Jumping

- Running relay


We really enjoyed ourselves and loved competing against each other to win Gold, Silver and Bronze awards!

Science Day 2019


During our Science Day we explored light. We investigated which materials would be the best to block light and worked together in our groups to come to a decision, using our evidence to support this.  We also looked at good reflective materials and identified that mirrors are good reflectors after carrying out two exciting challenges! 





We have been looking at the different types of transport that are used within our local area. We created a tally chart and collected our data by observing the transport used near school. Once we had collected our data we used the laptops to convert our data into a pie chart or bar chart. 



Retreat Day 2nd May 2019


Today we had a retreat day in preparation for our First Holy Communion. We took part in a range of activities including: learning new hymns, writing prayers, discussing the Last Supper and how this links with Mass, recreating the Last Supper and collective worship. We all had a fantastic day and we now feel more prepared and ready to take our First Holy Communion.




This week in English we have been busy following and creating our own instructions. First we identified the key features needed to create an excellent set of instructions. Next, we worked in groups to create some Popcorn Marshmallow Slices. Finally we wrote our own set of instructions, using all of the key features, to explain how we made these slices.


Spring term


We have had a very busy and enjoyable last week at school. We have: 

- Performed our Stations of the Cross Assembly to our families

- Had a fantastic time bowling as our attendance treat

- Had a great time at the talent show

and we finished off the week with an eggcellent egg hunt! 















Homework reward

Well done to all those children that have completed their homework this term, it has been fabulous to see so many children continue their learning at home and sharing what they have learnt with others. The children chose pizza and a movie as their reward and they all thoroughly enjoyed it!





School Disco

We all had a fantastic time at the school disco on Thursday 4th April and had a lot of fun creating dances together, doing the conga and laughing with our friends. 


















This week we have been looking at traditional poems in particular 'I am the Song' by Charles Causley. We discussed how the poet had used repetition and different nouns and verbs to make his poem interesting. Next we used these ideas to plan and create our own poems based on 'I am the Song'. We had lots of fun creating exciting and interesting poems using a range of descriptive language. Finally we performed some of our poems to the class.








World Book Day

We had lots of fun dressing up as our favourite characters to celebrate World Book Day. We read a wordless book called 'Journey' by Aaron Becker and created some artwork similar to the character in the story. We also spent some time in Year 6 and Reception sharing books with each other. 













Stratford trip – William Shakespeare

This week we have been on an exciting trip to Stratford to visit the birth place of William Shakespeare. Our tour guides for the day were Year 4 and they taught us many interesting facts about William Shakespeare’s life and showed us some fascinating artefacts. We visited Shakespeare’s house, New place, Halls Croft and even got the chance to write with a quill just like William Shakespeare did!

















We have all had a fabulous time at the Snowdome this week! We took part in lots of different activities such as: sledging, tubing and snow play. We experienced what the weather might be like in the Arctic and some of us have now decided that it is far too cold to go on an expedition to the Arctic!




Saint Anne

We have been learning all about Saint Anne and as a class we have created a beautiful piece of artwork. We each took a section of the picture and recreated this using tissue paper, before putting our pieces back together to create this lovely piece of art!





Over the last few weeks in Maths we have been looking at multiplying and dividing two digit numbers by one digit numbers using the formal written methods. We have been using a variety of resources to help us with this. We really enjoyed working with a partner to help each other solve the mathematical problems. 



This half term we have been learning about Extreme Survival and we are all looking forward to our trip to the Snowdome next week!



Autumn term


All of the children have settled in well to Year 3 and have been working hard to develop their skills across all areas of the curriculum throughout the Autumn term. Year Three is an important time at Saint Anne’s as we prepare to take our First Confession and our First Holy Communion, preparation for this will begin at school during the Spring term.


Important information:

  • Children need their swimming kit in school on Thursdays and their PE kit on Fridays.
  • Homework is given out on Fridays and books need to be back in school by the following Wednesday. Those that complete their homework regularly will be rewarded with a treat, voted for by the class at the end of each term.
  • Could you please ensure your child’s school reading book and reading record are in school every day as the children read regularly with the adults at school.
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