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Year 1

Welcome to the Year One Web Pages.

Please have a look at all the super things we are doing! We hope to keep you informed on what we are learning about and the new skills we are achieving.

Home Learning

It is lovely to hear how you are all getting along with learning from home. Look at this amazing cross that has been created.



Picture 1

Home Learning

Home Learning 1
Home Learning 2

Home Project – Year one

Please find below daily activities for your child to complete while not able to attend school. These activities are centred on activities your child would participate in at school. There are also some general whole school activities too.

Daily activities


Read for 15-20min a day with an adult. Read to your adult. Listen to an adult/sibling read to you


High frequency Year 1 words – they are listed on our class web page. Will set words to focus on each day via Dojo.

Times table/Number facts

Counting in 2s 5s and 10

Doodle a Day for wellbeing

Drawing is good for collecting your thoughts and feelings. Do a doodle every day. This weeks doodle focus - Trees


Say your class prayers every day. Morning Prayer. Lunch time. Afternoon prayer. Home time prayer




  • The Three billy Goats Gruff watch on YouTube link is below.  Talk about the story with an adult/ sibling.  Can you recall all key points in the correct order? Verbally retell this story to your adult.
  • Description – Use the pictures below can you write a description of the Troll? What features does he have? Colour? Look happy/sad  is he kind/unkind?
  • Alternative version…write down the different ways the goats could travel over the bridge? Roller skates…. rocket boots…?
  • Creative writing – can you write a story that must include the following words.  Easter Bunny, Chocolate, fly, then, they, went, because, magic Key?
  • Make a magic potion.  Turn a frog into a prince?  Turn a frog into a super hero?  What would it do?  Use the work sheet below- Potions word mat. To help you create a magic potion.

Add in …… Then mix in……. spoonful of……a bucketful of……next pour in…. Sprinkle in…...Sir together for ??? minutes…. Then your magic potion is ready to turn your frog into……



  • This week its all about Volume – ml       A research week
  • Look at drink bottles / liquids what foods/drinks do you have that have ml on label.
  • Do you have anything smaller that 250ml?
  • With an adult try filling containers half full of water…. fill a cup…. can you pour out exactly half in one tip?
  • Draw 10 cups on a piece of paper. Colour 6 half full.  Colour 4 so they are full.




History/Geography/Design & Technology/Art

  •  Listen to this story of the Bog Baby. Look at the illustration’s as the story develops.  Describe what your Bog Baby would look like.  What would be their favourite things to do in the Bog? Use the illustration below to help you. Create / draw / make your own Bog Baby EG make a pompom / use recycling items.
  • Role play you are going on a swamp hunt (like going on a bear hunt) what will you see, go over, under, through.


  • Art project - can you draw some evergreen and deciduous trees. Use pens or crayons or paint.
  • Draw your favourite flower - make a flower – help an adult in the garden. Draw your garden what plants do you have.
  • Design a garden... put in trees, flowers, play area? Slide? Swing? Treehouse?


  • The Last Supper
  • Watch the video… can you remember what Jesus says when he breaks the bread? Verbally tell your adult. Then see of you can write it down.
  • Watch the video…. can you remember what Jesus says when he gives out the wine? Verbally tell your adult. Then see of you can write it down.
  • Who betrays Jesus?
  • What food would you have served at the last supper? You can select a starter a main and a pudding to give to your disciples.




The Three Billy Goats Gruff -Describe the Troll

Picture 1
Picture 2

English Potion worksheet

Picture 1

Art  and Design

Picture 1
Picture 2

Here are some useful ideas for Science work

Please use the following websites for your learning.


Websites –



Measurement – Length-longer/wider

Taller than, shorter than, units-  mm, m, km.   

Mass- Heavier than, lighter than, units - mg, g, kg. 

Volume- units- ml, l vocabulary  full, half full, empty

Use a ruler to measure objects in the home. Weigh items on a kitchen scale to see which is the heaviest and lightest. Find containers in the house and see how much liquid they hold. Order these by size.

Count in 2s, 5s and 10s. Recognise, read and write all numbers to 100


English – Fairy Tales / The Royal Family / Animals -Swamp

Read together let your son/daughter read to you.  Together change the ending.  Retell the story - What would you do if you were the main character in the book?

Create your own story / book.  Design the front cover.


Religious Education

Say your school prayers every day. Morning Prayer when you get up.  Lunch time Prayer before you eat your lunch and our end of the day prayer you could sing at bed time.

Research Palm Sunday and think about what the people waved and what they chanted. How did they feel? 

Read about the Easter Story. Create a picture board retelling the Easter Story.  Design a Easter Cross. 


History / Geography

Castles – research (online) the history of castles. How they were they built? Find out key facts about castles in our local area, Nationally and internationally.

What castle would you want to live in? Draw it and write a description.



Deciduous and evergreen trees. What is the difference and how do these change throughout the seasons. Can you name any trees? 

Seasonal change- looking at the signs of Spring. Make a poster of the signs of  Spring and label what you have drawn. Don't forget to include the weather, trees and plants, animals and birds and hours of daylight.



Draw/design a castle.

Create a dress for a Princess / Create an outfit for a Prince to wear at a ball.

Using recycling items (cardboard yogurt pots drinks bottles etc.) make a castle.

Design and make a crown for a prince or princess.

Design and a make an invitation to a royal wedding.

Design a poster with the theme of On-line Safety.



World Book Day

Last Friday St Anne's celebrated world book day. In Year one all the children dressed up as a character from a book. We looked at the book Tuesday  by David Wiesner. This was a book without words but the amazing illustrations told an exciting story in which frogs on lily pads were able to fly around. This all happened at 8pm on a Tuesday evening. We did some super writing and some craft work based on this book.

Picture 1


We have been thinking about vocations and what this means. We discussed how this is using the strengths God has given us to do good things and help others. We also thought about the qualities we respected in others and what we would like to do with our lives when we are adults. Here are what the children in Year One hope to do as adults: doctors, nurses, dentists, vets, firefighters, police , paramedics, shopkeepers, florists, refuse collectors, mums and dads and bee keepers.

Picture 1


We have been learning lots about plants and what they need to grow. Everyone planted a bean and we have been keeping a diary of its growth. Lots of the beans grew to over 20cm. We will be planting some outside in our school growing area in the spring.  

We have also been growing cress. We investigated to find out what conditions it needs to grow. We found that if it has water, light and heat it grows well. Without water it will not grow at all. In the dark, but with heat and water it grew very tall and thin but was yellow in colour. The cress we left outside, with water and light, but no heat only just started to germinate.


Cress seeds under different conditions

Cress seeds under different conditions 1

We are also keeping track of  how quickly the Amaryllis plants grow.


Picture 1
Picture 2

A poet came to visit

Today we had a visit from the poet Andy Tooze. He spent time sharing his poems with the children and inspiring them with his enthusiasm. He taught Year One one a poem about 'Ten Tired Tomatoes' with actions and we performed this to the rest of the school in an afternoon assembly.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Competition Time

The children in Year 1 have entered a Young Writers Poetry competition. The poems we wrote for the competition were acrostic poems and the subject was an animal of their choice. We spent some time learning what an acrostic poem was, some time choosing the animal we wanted to write about and  some time planning it before we wrote the poem.

Picture 1

Retreat Day

Retreat Day 1
Retreat Day 2
Retreat Day 3
Retreat Day 4

        The God Who Speaks Retreat Day

On Thursday we had a wonderful and fun retreat day thinking about how God speaks to us through the scripture. There was lots of acting,  singing and drawing activities with Dan and Emily.


The History of Flight

The children are learning about the history of flight  and how this has developed over time. After watching a short film they had the opportunity to design their own plane and test them outside on the playground. The had to listen carefully and follow Mrs William's instructions when making their paper plane.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Spring Term

A Happy New Year and welcome to the Year One Spring term's  web pages. 

Our topic this half term is Flight and will involve looking at the first flights in both hot air balloons and planes. We will also be covering some aspects of geography, art and design and technology, so please watch this space to see some of the fun things we do.

In Science we are learning about plants. We will be identifying common garden and wild flowers and trees, both deciduous and evergreen. We have a growing area already set up in the classroom and the children have been enjoying examining  a range of flowers and plants. We have written instructions on how to plant a bean seed and tried these out this afternoon when we each planted a bean. Over the next 5 weeks we will be keeping a diary of the beans growth and observing and recordings any changes.

The Growing Area

The Growing Area 1
The Growing Area 2
The Growing Area 3

Growing and looking for changes.

Growing  and looking for changes. 1

Recording how quickly the plant grows

Recording how quickly the plant  grows 1
Recording how quickly the plant  grows 2

Planting Beans

Planting Beans 1
Planting Beans 2
Planting Beans 3
Planting Beans 4
Planting Beans 5
Planting Beans 6

                             End of Autumn 2

It is hard to believe that the children have completed a whole term at school. We are all really proud of the progress they have made and how much they have grown in confidence since September. Here are some of the things we have been doing over the last few weeks.


Making Christingles

Making Christingles 1
We have been learning about Advent and some of the ways we prepare for Christmas.

Police Safety Talk

Police Safety Talk 1

                       Pablo's last few days

We have enyoed having Pablo visit our class. He as taken part in lots of our lessons both indoor and out.

Pablo has now gone  back to see his family in Antarctica.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

                                      Hay Presto!

Well done to year one for their super acting and singing skills when performing in the Christmas production.



Picture 1
We also enjoyed a trip to the pantomime to see Beauty and the Beast.
Picture 1

                       Fire Safety Talk

Today, Thursday 28th November we had a visit from two Nuneaton based firefighters. They came to give year one some information about keeping safe around fires. We learnt what to do if our clothes caught on fire (stop, drop and roll)  and a catchy rhyme to remind us of the dangers of fire.

 "Matches and lighters never touch, they might hurt you very much"

We also got  the opportunity to try out the firefighters uniform.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

                          Autumn 2 Science -Humans

We are learning about the five senses and which parts of the body they relate to. Today we have been investigating our sense of smell. We had eight smells to identify  and we tested to see if holding your nose would help or hinder smelling the items. We couldn't see the items and we found that holding your nose made it more difficult to identify the smells (coffee, lemon, mint, chocolate, vinegar, garlic, bubble bath and banana) . Most children found vinegar, mint and lemon the easiest to identify.

Picture 1


We always have fun in our music lessons but are also learning to follow a steady beat, play faster, slower louder and softly. We have been using the musical instruments to represent other sounds also.



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Polar Regions

Last week we had a very special visitor to Year 1. Pablo the penguin came to visit again. The children remember him from their time in Reception but he has grown up quite a lot. To make him feel at home they helped Mrs Williams and Mrs Dooley to make him his very own igloo.

Autumn 2 Term

This half term we are learning about the polar regions. We will be reading lots of fiction and non fiction books based around these areas and the animals that live there. We have a igloo role play area and a lovely new small world set.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


Look at the skills we are learning in P.E.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Writing Like a Victorian

We all tried to write the 'Victorian Way' using slates boards and dip pens and ink. This was much harder that we thought it was going to be.

Dip Pens and Chalk boards

Dip Pens and Chalk boards 1
Dip Pens and Chalk boards 2
Dip Pens and Chalk boards 3
Dip Pens and Chalk boards 4
Dip Pens and Chalk boards 5

Autumn Disco

We had such fun at the Autumn disco. We enjoyed dancing, spending time with our friends and snack time.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

End of  Autumn 1

It is almost the end of the first half term and we have enjoyed learning about schools from Victorian times to present day times. Here are some of the things we have covered in this  topic.

Look at our amazing class fingerprint tree

Picture 1
We have been writing our own versions of Psalm 8. Here is one example.
Picture 1

Friday fun

As well as working hard in year one we always have fun on a Friday during our Golden Time. Here or some of the things the children choose to do this week.

Being creative on a Friday

Being creative on a Friday 1
Being creative on a Friday 2
Being creative on a Friday 3
Being creative on a Friday 4
Being creative on a Friday 5
Being creative on a Friday 6
Being creative on a Friday 7
Being creative on a Friday 8

Class Rules

Year One spent some time discussing what rules they thought would be good to have as our class rules. They came up with some great ideas.

Class Rules

Class Rules 1


We had good fun in PE this week. 

keeping fit

keeping fit 1
keeping fit 2
keeping fit 3
keeping fit 4
keeping fit 5
keeping fit 6
keeping fit 7
keeping fit 8

Yet another busy week in year 1

Once again the children have been working really hard and learning lots of new things. In History they have been looking at the differences between schools in Victorian times and present day schools. They were all able to cut out pictures of school items and decide whether they were from the past, present day or would be used in both eras.

Design and Technology

As part of our topic 'School Days' we have designed and are making a model of a classroom or school. We are developing and improving  our  cutting and joining skills to help us make the models. Here are some examples so far.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
In R.E we have been learning about St Francis of Assisi. We know that he loved and cared for the animals and especially the birds. We made some bird food so that we too, can care for the birds in the Winter.

Making bird food

Making bird food 1
Making bird food 2

Audio stories in the reading area.

The children have enjoyed listening to and reading along with, books written by Julia Donaldson this week. They are all developing a great love of books.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Star of the Day Rainbow Chairs

Star of the Day Rainbow Chairs 1



Year One Rainbow Chairs


We have two special Rainbow chairs in year one. Each day we choose two children that have worked really well, to sit on the chairs for the day. So far lots of different children have had a turn.



Collective Worship

This week our Collective Worship time was based around saying 'Thank You' to God  for all the things we are grateful for. We spent quiet time listening to relaxing music and reflecting on all the good things in our life. We each had a paper star and  folded the points of our stars in to the centre. In turn we placed the  stars on the water and told the class what it was that we wanted to say 'Thank You' for. We saw the stars open up, as if by magic.




Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
In R.E we have looked at the story of the Creation. The children have sequenced pictures from the story by day both as a group and independently in their books. They have all worked with Mrs Dooley to create a wonderful wall display. Pictures to follow when its completed.

Sequencing the Creation Story by the days of the week.

Sequencing the Creation Story by the days of the week. 1

We are also enjoying spending time in the reading corner. These are some of our favourite books.

Year One Festival of Reading

Year One Festival of Reading 1

 Story Stop Session

The children in Year One really enjoyed sharing stories with both adults and siblings at our recent Story Stop session. It was lovely to see everyone enjoying reaing together.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Mad Science Assembly

On Thursday we had a special visitor who showed us some  fun scientific experiements. This was a very exciting with lots of fun activities to watch.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
The Holy Spirit Multi Academy
We've had 2 4 2 8 0 Visitors