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Year 1

Julia Donaldson

Today we looked at the story The Girl, the Bear and the Magic Shoes. We designed and made our own pairs of magic shoes.



Art Day

What an amazing time we had today working alongside a professional artist who is helping  us  to create a piece of art work for the school. We had the opportunity to experiment with a range of techniques. We used cling film, wax resistant paper, wax crayons, rice painting  and tissue paper printing to  create some super effects on paper feathers.

The feathers become wings...

Develop a new sport.

We have been learning about and watching a range of sports as well as thinking about the importance of good sportsmanship. We each designed a new sport and described how it would be played  to the class. Here are a few examples

How about the sport of " dive, swim, weights?"

Dive, swin, race.

Year One had some fantastic ideas for possible new sports. They came up with these by combining existing sports and were confident when describing these to their peers.

Tuesday 2nd July Story Stop Session.

Thank you to all the parents that came to read with their child/children  today. We had a super time sharing some of our favourite stories.

We spent some time in the Story Bus and were excited to see all the lovely books in there available to buy.

                                Gruffalo Crafts

We are getting ready for our trip to see the Gruffalo in Birmingham tomorrow. We have listened to the story, learnt a song and done some writing about the story so far. We also made some Gruffalo bags thanks to Mrs Palfreman

Guide dogs for the Blind.

In year one we had some very special visitors today. Katie the Retriever/Labrador cross who works for the guide dogs for the blind, came with her carers. We were  very pleased to say that the class raised over £230 to give to the charity. We thought of some questions to ask which we had planned in an earlier English lessons. Katie was such a well behaved and placid dog. Katie is going to be a mummy dog to lots of future guide dogs in a couple of years. Well done year one!

Katie the Labrador/Retriever cross

18.6.19                       Science Day


We had great fun today in Year 1 celebrating Science Day. We started the day by reading a book called 'Mixed' which is based on colour mixing. Our first activity was to make colours from the primary colours red, blue and yellow.  We made orange, green purple and brown using playdough.

The next experiment was to mix colours by dropping food colouring on to milk then adding detergent. The detergent works to force the fat in the milk away so making a pretty pattern.

We made some lovely patterns by arranging sweets on a plate and adding warm water. The colouring in the sweets dissolved in the warm water to make these colourful arrangements.


We had fun watching the dancing raisins. 

The carbon dioxide bubbles in the fizzy drink attach themselves to the grooves on the raisins which then rise because they are light.  When to bubbles get to the surface they burst and the raisins sink.


We made  a colourful, layered liquid. The lighter and less dense the liquid the nearer to the surface it settled.  Honey was the most dense and so at the fell to the bottom. Oil being the lightest and was the top layer.
Even after shaking and mixing the liquids they separated back into the  layers.
We made rain clouds in a cup. Adding the food colouring to the 'cloud' (shaving foam) made the cloud too heavy and the rain (food colouring) fell through the cloud.

We did the Mentos and diet coke experiment......outside of course.

The chemical reaction was amazing. It's a good job Kya and Daisie were quick to get out of the way.

and finally we experimented with colour mixing  paints to create a range of shades for our paintings.

Testing Structures

We had great fun testing the strength of different structures that we made from spaghetti and marshmallows. We worked as a team and had to listen to the suggestions of our team members. It wasn't as easy as we thought to build a stable structure but we didn't give up.


Testing to see which materials are waterproof.

We needed to experiment to find out which materials would be suitable to cover the class den. Whatever we choose would need to be waterproof. We tested lots of different materials before deciding on 'plastic' as best option.

World Religions

Year One are learning about Hinduism. So far, we have have made a diva lamp using clay, read the story of Rama and Sita and made chalk rangoli patterns



Old toys

We were lucky enough today, to have a look at an old toy that belongs to one of our parents. The plastic remote car is battery operated and is around 50 years old. We talked  about the differences and similarities between this car and modern ones. 

Creative fun on Friday

We had lots of fun today with our ‘toy’ related art activities. One activity was to further develop colour mixing skills whilst painting a picture of our favourite soft toy. We used photos to help with accuracy.

Colour mixing skills

A collage in the style of Eric Carle.

We used a range of fabrics and papers to create a 3D collage in the style of Eric Carle.

Sponsored Walk

We would like to say a huge 'Thank You'   to all the children in year 1 who took part in today's sponsored walk in aid of the charity Guide Dogs for the Blind. The class thought carefully before deciding in which charity to support. We had some discussion and a democratic class vote before making a tally chart to see the most popular choice. The children enjoyed walking around the grounds of the school with their teddies and we managed to avoid the showers. They had their card stamped for each lap they completed and afterwards we celebrated with a Teddy Bear's Picnic.


Teddy Bear's Picnic

Welcome Back

Week One in the new term is going very well. Our new topic is Toys and we will be looking at toys through the ages and toys around the world,  as well as listening to lots of stories about toys. In science we are learning about materials and their properties which links well to the types of materials  that toys are made from and why these material are suitable.


The gardening club is as popular as ever with children from all years choosing to help out at lunchtimes. Thank You to Mrs Palfreman for all your hard work.

Green Fingers

Our Toys Display

We are  looking at how toys have changed since Victorian times. Already we have seen changes in the materials used to make the toys. We also have learnt how toys in the past were hand made and if they moved it was by a winding a key rather than batteries or electricity. The children have been describing their favourite toys and those of their parents and grandparents too.

The Easter Prayer Area

Thank you to all those who made an Easter Garden or decorated eggs or cards for  homework. We are using these to support the prayer area for the Easter topic.

Easter Crafts in Year One

We enjoyed time learning new skills, whilst having fun doing  Easter craft activities. We painted and decorated  hard boiled eggs made a stand to display them. Some children made their eggs into chicks or rabbits.

We also made Easter Rabbit masks selecting the resources we needed independently. 
We made  Easter cards using  paint stamps and a selection of cut out pictures.
On Friday we  enjoyed an Easter egg hunt in the school grounds. There were named rabbit paw prints for everyone to find in exchange for a chocolate egg. Even though these were really well hidden we managed to find them all.

Power Week 8th April

This week we have had fun doing lots of creative activities related to this half term's topic. After reading the story we made our own gingerbread men from scratch. Everyone had a part to play in this complicated process. Unlike the story, our gingerbread men did not attempt to run away.

Learning How to make Gingerbread Men


We have been learning about castles and comparing these to our own homes. This week we drew a castle and then experimented with colour mixing paints to create the most appropriate colour for the castle. Once happy with the mixed colours we used these to paint the clay castles we had made last week.

Painted Castles and Clay Castles

As part of this topic we have listened to and had the opportunity  to retell lots of traditional tales including; The gingerbread Man, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk and The Three Little Pigs. We also created our own stories using props to help us. We worked

co-operatively in small groups creating these and we had the opportunity to re-tell our stories and  listen to the stories created by the other children.

 Super Artists

This year we have been learning about three artists and their different styles.

We have looked at the work of Manchester born L.S. Lowry and created our own city, factory and school landscapes based on Lowry's style.

In the style of LS Lowry

We have also been looking at the work of the artist Jan Pienowski who is most famous for illustrating children's books.

Examples of Jan Pienowski's work

Our challenge was to make a castle picture in this style. To make the background for the picture we learned how to use marble inks to create a lovely swirly effect. Each of our backgrounds is unique. Here are some examples of our achievements.

Using marble inks to create the background.

This week we have looked at the work of outdoor artist Andy Goldsworthy. We had fun collecting natural resources from the school grounds to use in our creations. We worked together in small groups taking each others opinions into account. The final results were amazing. 

Andy Goldsworthy Outdoor Art

Fun in the sun searching for natural resources for our artwork

Here are some of our examples

This week (25th March) so far...

We have been making clocks and using these to help us to learn to tell the time to the hour and half hour.

We each drew a story map for the Traditional Tale The Three Little Pigs. We also learnt to re-tell the story with actions to help us remember this story.

Finley's amazing Story map. We can re-tell the story with actions.

On Friday, as part of this half term's topic based around Traditional Story Tales,  we made houses for the Three Little Pigs. We worked individually, or in pairs and  used a selection of construction kits and junk to make these. When we had finished we tested the strength of the houses,  by using a hairdryer to see if they could withstand the Big Bad Wolf's huffing and puffing.
This week we have been very busy preparing our school vegetable area. The children have enjoyed digging and preparing the soil, planting seeds and looking for mini beasts.

St Anne's Food Bank

Today the children in Year 1 helped to sort out the donated food ready to take to the food bank. First we sorted the food into groups of food types and then we made a tally chart recording how many of each types there were. Once we'd done this we all helped to bag the food ready for distribution.

Food Bank Tally Chart

Year One's helping hands

World Book Day

We had a lovely day today. All the children looked amazing in their costumes. We did some great work on the book Tuesday which was all pictures and no words. Year 4 came down to share books with us and in the afternoon we made bouncy frogs on lily pads to remind us of the story Tuesday.

World Book Day Fun

Creative Fun. Using design skills to make a frog with a spring

                        Shrove Tuesday          aka  Pancake Day

We had great fun today learning about how to make pancakes and why this special day is celebrated. Everyone had a turn at cooking and tossing a pancake before choosing the toppings they wanted. They were delicious.

Thank you Mrs Palfreman!

We have an amazing addition to the classroom. It is a magical small world 'fairy garden' as part of the new topic which is based around traditional fairy tales.

Get Out of our Swamp

This Half term's topic is Get Out of our Swamp. Today we looked at photographs of a selection of  swamps before making our own collage swamp.

Lunchtime reading Club

Year 1 have some new reading partners. Thank  you Year 5 for helping us!

Poetry Competition

Year 1 have been looking at poems over the last few weeks. We have been reading a selection of rhymes and poems and even had a go at writing our own. We based our Competition entry  poems around the senses and thought about the things we can see, hear, smell, taste and feel. We tried to use lots of descriptive language (adjectives) in our writing. We are sending the entries off soon so fingers crossed!

Our competition entries.

What a busy day we have had in year 1

Story Stop Tuesday

Fire Safety Talk

Fire Safety  Talk for Year 1

Today we had a visit from Nuneaton Fire Service to talk to us about the importance of keeping safe around fire. We looked at safe and unsafe fires. We looked at the clothes fire fighters wear before going near a fire and we learnt a technique to help if our clothes accidently caught on fire. STOP-DROP-ROLL and we learnt a rhyme to remind us to never play with mathches. 

Matches and lighters never touch

They might hurt you very much.

Internet Safety Day

We had an assembly and time in class, learning about how to stay safe on the internet. We designed a poster to help us remember some of the important rules.

Celebrating Chinese New Year: 2019 the Year of the Pig


Week 4

This week  we have been experimenting with writing the 'Victorian way' using dip pens and slate and chalk. We had great fun but decided that using pencils is much easier.

Writing the old fashioned way.

Happy New Year and best wishes for 2019

This term we are looking at schools over the past 100 years. We have created a small Victorian role pay area in the classroom with an abacus, easel and slates to write on. The children have experienced  some traditional old fashioned games in P.E

Traditional games


Thank you to all the parents that were able to attend our reading session today. It was great to see you all and the children really enjoyed sharing some books with you.


Autumn 1 Term the children in Year 1 enjoyed the Superheroes topic. They engaged in small world and role play activities and made and designed their own superheroes. We read lots of stories related to this topic and learnt about the real life superhero Grace Darling and what her life was like in Victorian times.supeer hero small world area.

In year 1 we had great fun carving pumpkins to celebrate harvest. It was hard work but we all persevered.

Harvest Pumpkins

The children are now helping to plan our weekly collective worship. This week we chose to each place a paper 'helping hand' on the water and prayed for all the people who need help in the world. After a few minutes on the water, the closed hands opened up.
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