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St Anne's Catholic Academy

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Who's Who

Meet our team for 2020-21

Leadership Team at St. Anne's Catholic Academy

Sarah Hubbard - Principal

Michelle Burdett - Assistant Principal

Liv Harris - Assistant Principal

Tracey Gillin - Assistant Principal

Teaching Staff at St. Anne's Catholic Academy

Chloe Hadland - Nursery

Kelly Wroe - Reception

Siana Neal - Year One

Olivia Harris and Collette Woods - Year Two

Raegan Oates - Year Three

Rebecca Thorneycroft - Year Four

Michelle Burdett and Martyne Varden - Year Five

Tracey Gillin - Year Six

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Jo Palfreman

Teaching Assistants

Jo Palfreman - Nursery

Le-Anne Argyle- Reception

Sheila Aiello - Year One

Connie Stanoch - Year Two

Naomi Dooley - Year Three

Laura Elkin - Year Four

Hollie Darlington - Year Five

Susan Wright - Year Six

SENDco and Learning Mentor

Sarah Brown and Katrina Dyde

Officer Manager/Admin Assistant

Rachel Darlington - Office Manager

Clare Brayne - Admin Assistant

Site Manager/Cleaners

Pam Line - Site Manager

Dionne Mullis - Cleaner

Dawn Thompson - Cleaner

Midday Supervisors

Connie Stanoch - Senior Midday Supervisor

Pam Line 

Dionne Mullis

Dawn Thompson

Nicola Stanoch

Leanne Martin

Penny Thompson

Shelley Spokes

Kitchen Support


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