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What we've been up to (Weekly)

Week 1: In Topic lessons this week we have been learning about The Great Fire of London. We learnt that the fire started on Pudding Lane at Farriner's Bakery, when baker, Thomas Farriner, left bread baking. 

We looked at the key events from the Great Fire of London and used hand actions to help us remember them.

Then we worked in teams to put the events in chronological order on a time line. We had lots of fun and could recall lots of facts. 

Week 2:

In P.E this week, we have been exploring the story: Penguin Small. 


First, we listened to the story and considered the penguin’s feelings throughout the story.

We focused on the part of the story where Penguin Small is looked after by one of the other penguins.

We worked in pairs to come up with movements to show the audience that penguin small is safe and being looked after, this included, hugging, bending and performing movements in unison. Take a look at some of our photos!

Week 3: This week we explored the miracle of 'The Wedding at Cana' in this story, Jesus turns water into wine. The children loved acting this out, dressing up in costume and retelling the miracle. 

Week 4: 

This week we have had lots of fun during collective worship. We spent some time outside collecting leaves and exploring nature. We linked this learning to the story of creation which the children remembered from their R.E lessons in Year 1. Next, we thought of a time when we have done something wrong and wrote a prayer asking for forgiveness. The children said this prayer and left a leaf in he middle of the collective worship circle. 


In a separate Collective Worship session, the children learnt about Trust and why it is extremely important to put our trust in God. We explored the notion of trust using a glass of water and a piece of card, take a look at what happened when we put our trust in God!


Week 5: This week in P.E, we went on an adventure with Penguin Small. 

Together we discussed different settings and how penguins might move if they were to go on a journey through each setting. Along with music, we constructed dances in small groups and performed for the class. 

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