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By having a school uniform we believe the children develop an identity that encourages them to take a pride in their appearance and their school and therefore in the work that they produce.

The uniform has been kept simple to avoid unnecessary expense.

Please ensure all clothing is clearly marked with your child’s name.

Girl's Uniform

Girl's Uniform  1 Black Skirt
Girl's Uniform  2 Black Pinafore Dress
Girl's Uniform  3 Black School Trousers
Girl's Uniform  4 Pale Blue Blouse
Girl's Uniform  5 Pale Blue Polo Shirt
Girl's Uniform  6
Girl's Uniform  7 Black School Shoes (No High Heels)

Boy's Uniform

Boy's Uniform 1 Black School Trousers
Boy's Uniform 2 Pale Blue Shirt
Boy's Uniform 3 Pale Blue Polo Shirt
Boy's Uniform 4 Black Socks
Boy's Uniform 5 Black School Shoes

P.E. / Games Uniform

P.E. / Games Uniform 1 Plain White T-Shirt
P.E. / Games Uniform 2 Black Shorts
P.E. / Games Uniform 3 Tracksuit or Jogging Suit
P.E. / Games Uniform 4 Black Pumps
P.E. / Games Uniform 5 Trainers

During the Summer boys may wear smart black tailored shorts.


The girls may wear a light blue checked summer dress.


Please enquire at the School Office for price lists and availability.

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