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Y2 Sports Day-Wednesday 30th June 2021


The children took part in a variety of races including the egg and spoon, the sack race, javelin throw, target throw, standing long jump and the running race. Many children won stickers, everyone received a certificate for taking part and two children received cups as the top point scorers. The weather was kind and we all really enjoyed the day. 

Y2 Sports Day-Wednesday 30th June 2021

Sports Day-Wednesday 30th June 2021

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Tuesday 15th June 2021-English-Poetry Writing-Chocolate Cake

Inspired by the Michael Rosen poem about chocolate cake, the children have been writing their own poems. Each child was given a piece of chocolate cake to eat and were asked to write down on a post-it-note a list of words and phrases to describe its taste, appearance, texture etc. We then used these words and phrases to collate a class list. The class list was used by the children to support writing of their own poem about chocolate cake. The children really enjoyed the activity and produced some lovely writing.


English-Poetry Writing-Chocolate Cake

Free the butterflies!

This week we set our butterflies free! We had them in the classroom as part of our 'Animals and their habitats' Science unit. Y2 have loved observing them as they transformed from tiny caterpillars, (to rather fat caterpillars), to chrysalises, and finally to beautiful butterflies!  

Whilst we were sad to see them go, their first flight into their natural habitat was a very special moment heart


W/c: 7.6.21 Science - Climate Change Experiment

Summer 2-Week 1-PE-Dance

The children have started a unit of work on Dance. During the unit the children will be learning a sequence of movements to create a class Maypole Dance. In their first lesson of the unit the children practiced some basic Maypole Dance movements using directional language and rhythm.

PE-Dance-Maypole Dancing

Summer-Week 1-English-Exploring Poetry

The children read and performed a poem about Spaghetti written by Jack Prelutsky. Each child had a plate of spaghetti to touch and taste. Next, the children wrote a list of descriptive words and phrases to describe the spaghetti.

English-Exploring Poetry

Week 6: Art

This week we looked at the artist Peter Thorpe who uses Space as his art subject. We discussed his artwork and shared our opinions, we noted that he uses an 'abstract' background with a space object in the foreground and then we created our very own Space artwork in the style of Peter Thorpe. 

Collective Worship-25th May 2021

During our class Collective Worship sessions we are focusing on learning our Year Group prayers. Recently we have been focusing on the "Our Father" and the "Hail Mary". Our prayers leaders have been continuing to lead us in prayer.

Prayer Leaders and Class Collective Worship

English-Role Play-Monday 17th May 2021

Continuing our work on the text "Look up" the children have really been getting into the role of the main character. The children moved around the hall with coloured ribbon pretending to be part of a Meteor Shower, zooming as if they were a shooting star or meteor. They also stood in the middle of the hall as if they were watching the Meteor Shower. The children were asked to 'freeze frame' in role as the main character, Rocket. They were encouraged to display emotion through the expressions on their faces. Whilst the children were 'frozen' in their role they were asked to explain how they were feeling and what they were thinking, answering in role. Together, we were able to generate a collection of words to describe the thoughts and feelings of the main character. Word collection generated-jubiliant, shocked, excited, happy, delighted, brilliant, thrilled, weird, calm, amazed, super, relaxed, eager, funny, stunning, comfortable and spectacular.

English-Role Play

Skipping Workshop

Maths-Position and Direction


This week we have been using the language of position, direction and motion, including: left and right, top, middle and bottom, forwards and backwards. The children have also been making whole, half, quarter, and three-quarter turns in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. 

Maths-Position and Direction

Science: Searching for Microhabitats in the school grounds

This week we went on a search around our school grounds searching for microhabitats and things that live in them: mini-beasts!

We created a tally-chart as we discovered each beast and from that, created a pictogram showing how many of each min-beast we had found. Check them out below:






English-Hot Seating


The children have been studying the text "Look Up". They worked in pairs to decide on questions they would ask the main character to find out more about her experiences, thoughts and feelings. Next, they wrote their own set of questions then used drama to speak in role as the character through "Hot Seating" each other. The children were really enthusiastic and became totally absorbed into the character.

English-Hot Seating

Computing-Numbots Maths Platform

The children have been using laptops and Ipads in the classroom to access the Numbots Maths Platform which they really love. The children access the learning platform in school and at home to support their addition and subtraction skills. The game is very motivational and has made a positive impact on the children's overall development, confidence and general relationship with Maths.

Computing-Numbots Maths Platform-Tuesday 4th May 2021


Year 2 have recently been using the athletics equipment to master the basic movements of running, jumping and throwing as well as developing their balance, agility and co-ordination.  

Athletics-Tuesday 4th May 2021

Friday 30th April - School Library 


Today we were able to visit our refurbished school Library during our reading session. We really enjoyed looking at the selection of fiction and non-fiction books on the shelves and discussed what we would find in each type of book - we can't wait visit again! 





Maths Ambassadors

Our Class Maths Ambassadors have been helping to lead a "Big Maths" Class session. They chose Maths Challenges for the class to complete, modelled their chosen strategies on the class board and invited other children in the class to share their strategies too. A great opportunity for the children to learn from each other.

Maths Ambassadors-"Big Maths"

Earth Day 2021


What a fabulous day Y2 had celebrating Earth Day!


Joining a whole school effort, we went out into our school grounds picking up litter, whilst Green-Team member, Millie, led a group of children in planting some lovely flowers around school.


In the afternoon, we took a walk to investigate a local habitat - Stubb's Pool. Armed with our clipboards and pencils, we walked all the way around the pool, stopping at various points to observe, draw and label the different forms of life we spotted living in the pond habitat, we could not believe how much we spotted! 


A big discussion we had was the problem of litter in all different types of habitats, particularly at the pond - we actually saw a moorhen trying to eat a plastic bag, We discussed our role in helping natural habitats stay litter free.



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