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Ice-cream treat smiley

Today we enjoyed a delicious ice-cream in the sunshine!


Today we celebrated our fantastic country and football team! We came in dressed in the colours of the England flag, practised our football skills and danced to our favourite football songs! We hope everyone enjoys watching the final on Sunday! laugh

Going for Gold!

Year One were very excited when they saw the obstacle course challenge this morning and couldn't wait to have a go! We had a lot of fun challenging ourselves to complete the obstacle course as fast as we could smiley


We have been exploring two digit numbers and some of us challenged ourselves with three digit numbers! We used the dice to make the biggest number we could and used the symbols < > = to compare this number with our partners number. 


In Science, we are learning about animals. Today, we explored what the terms carnivore, herbivore and omnivore mean. We worked with a partner to sort a variety of animals into the correct group, using their diet to help us decide.


We have been using the Ipads this week to help us find out some new information about the athlete Usain Bolt. From our research, we found out who he is, why he is famous and that he has achieved more than one world record! Some of us think that we can beat his time of 9.58 seconds for the 100m sprint, so we have decided to challenge ourselves to try and achieve this next week!

Tea party

This week, we won the reading challenge and we were all very excited when we found out!! We loved the tea party and enjoyed eating all of the delicious food and drink smiley

Olympics Day

To start our Tokyo Olympics topic we had an Olympics day. We really enjoyed learning about the Olympics and found out that this year the Olympic games are being held in Tokyo. We located Tokyo, Japan on Google Earth and learnt some facts about this city. Next, we looked at the importance of the Olympic torch and how this is used during the opening ceremony. We made our own Olympic torches and took them outside to have an opening ceremony and competed in some sporting events. 


This half term we are learning Maypole dancing.

World Oceans Day

Today, we have been learning about ocean pollution and how this is affecting the animals in the ocean. We discussed reducing, reusing and recycling plastic. We reused our plastic pots and made bird feeders.

Design and Technology

This week, we have been learning a new skill - sewing. We were all really excited to make our own puppets and followed the instructions carefully to sew the fabric together using a running stitch. Take a look at our fantastic puppets smiley

Pajama Day

On Friday, we got to wear our pajamas to school! We were very excited about this and loved sharing stories with our friends and our teddies!


On Thursday, we had a skipping workshop. We had a lot of fun developing our skipping skills and really enjoyed playing the shark game!


We have been exploring time in Maths this week. We have learnt what the numbers and hands on an analogue clock mean and used this knowledge to help us read o'clock and half past times.


Wild plants

In Science, we have been identifying wild plants. We went on a walk around school to see what wild plants we could find. We recorded our findings by creating observational drawings of each plant. We discovered that we have lots of dandelions and daisies around school!


This week in English, we have been reading the story 'The Adventures of Egg Box Dragon' by Richard Adams. We designed our own Egg Box Dragons and used a range of adjectives to describe what they look like. Next, we created our Egg Box Dragons, look at how fantastic they are!


On Friday, we visited our school library for the first time! We were really excited to explore the library and share lots of new stories with our friends and sit on the comfy chairs! smiley


This week in Maths, we have been learning about quarters. We started the week exploring quarters and learning that this means something has been split into four equal pieces. We shaded one quarter, made toast and cut this into quarters and found four equal pieces that we can put together to make one whole. 


We have loved doing Gymnastics in PE! During this unit of work we have looked at travelling along the bench in different ways, learnt how to correctly complete a log roll, egg roll and teddy bear roll and practised jumping off different equipment and landing on two feet safely.

Earth Day

On Thursday 22nd April, we celebrated Earth Day. We started the day by discussing what we already know about recycling. We thought about the materials we use in school that we could recycle and made posters to help share this knowledge with others. Next, we used the litter pickers to help tidy up our school and we were shocked by how much litter we found! We learnt about why it is important to look after our planet and used our art skills to paint planet Earth. Finally, we learnt a song about recycling and had a lot of fun singing this J


This half term we are learning all about plants. We started this unit of work by planting some seeds and flowers. We also planted a bean and over the next half term, we are going to observe how this bean grows.


This week in Maths, we have been exploring fractions. We started the week with some practical activities to help develop our knowledge on halves. We cut shapes in half, we found the correct halves to make one whole and we folded or cut our jam sandwiches in half.


On Monday, we celebrated Hannibal’s birthday. He very kindly brought in a beautiful cake to share with his friends and everyone enjoyed their slice of delicious cake!

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