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Summer 1

Earth Day- Thursday 22nd April 2021


Year 5 carried out various activities throughout the day.


-We planted flowers at the front of the school

-We planted sunflower seeds to take home

-Took part in a climate change assembly

-Considered our own global footprint

-Made various bird feeders to hang amongst the school grounds

-Litter picked

-Took part in a habitat talk from the wildlife foundation 

-Measured the amount of water wasted when the tap is left on whilst brushing your teeth (16.5 liters!)

Learning the recorder

In music, we have started learning how to play the recorder. By the end of the term, we are hoping to have learnt a full song.


Our topic in science this term is 'Scientists & Inventers'. We have been taking out research on different animals & creating our own David Attenborough style documentaries. We performed these in front of the class using all of our new animal knowledge. 

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