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Spring Term

World Kitchen:


Our topic this term is all about food from around the world. We began by exploring different types of farming around the world during Fairtrade Fortnight. Here is the short film 'Guardians of the Rainforest' which we found extremely informative. 

Shakespeare Week:


The children had great fun learning all about the play 'Twelfth Night'. It was a very complicated story but they did a great job understanding the complicated relationships during our Whoosh retelling, they created some fantastic Extreme Weather Reports for the storm that began the story and took on the role of the characters to write prank letters and diary entries. We rounded off the week having fun using a mixture of wax crayons, paint and collaging to recreate stormy ocean scenes as part of our Art afternoon.

Change Makers


Year 4 were really lucky this week to have a Change Makers lesson via Zoom. We learned so much about healthy living and really got involved by sharing all our excellent knowledge and asking lots of questions.

DT Day: Designing an Easter Egg


Today we were tasked with designing a Fairtrade Easter Egg product which uses flavours from around the world. We tasted different fruits from around the world to choose our ingredients, designed the recipe and packaging and then created a prototype of the product. 

Finally, we got to do the best part of the process - evaluating our product!

Holy Week


This week is Holy Week. We reflected on the events leading up to Jesus' Crucifixion and how we can be thankful for Jesus providing us with a new beginning. 

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