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On the last day of term, we had a lot of fun completing some Easter themed activities. We made some Easter nests and enjoyed eating these at lunchtime. We decorated an egg and during the afternoon we went on an Easter egg hunt to find our egg, our favourite part was receiving our chocolate eggs!

Holy Week

This week we have been learning all about the events of Holy Week. We explored Palm Sunday, The Last Supper and the Stations of the Cross. We made palm leaves to help us retell the story of Jesus arriving in Jerusalem and re-enacted Jesus’ last supper, taking on the role of Jesus and his disciples. We broke bread together just like in the Last Supper and thought about the sacrifice Jesus made for all of us.


As it is now Spring, we went on a Spring walk around school. We were looking for signs that tell us it is Spring. Some of the signs we found were: leaves are starting to grow on the trees, flowers are starting to grow, daffodils, daisies and the weather is getting warmer.

Mile Walk

This half term we have been taking part in the mile walk. We have really enjoyed walking 1 mile and some of us have started to challenge ourselves by running some of the mile!



This week we have been introduced to arrays. We know that these are made up of rows of objects that are the same amount and need to be in a straight line! We worked with a partner to create some arrays with rows of 2, 5 or 10 and recorded the repeated addition sentence to match.

Creative Day


We have loved being creative this week linked to our learning on Flight. We discovered that the Montgolfier brothers designed the first hot air balloon and we found it very interesting to learn that they sent some animals to travel in the first flight of the hot air balloon instead of people!


Next, we designed and created our own hot air balloons and had a lot of fun getting messy! We tried our best to paint the hot air balloon the same as our design.

Shakespeare week


This week we have been learning all about William Shakespeare. We enjoyed researching why he is famous and exploring the different types of plays, he created. We used exciting adjectives to describe the three witches in Macbeth and mixed our own evil potions in role as the witches.

Welcome back Year One smiley


PE for those in school – Tuesday and Thursday


This term may have started a bit differently, but it has been great to still be able to see you all and your smiling faces on zoom each day.

We have been really impressed with your fantastic work and it’s great to see that you are continuing to challenge yourselves whilst working at home, well done, keep it up! yes

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