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Religious Education

'Love God, Love Learning, Love One Another'

Subject Leader - Mrs S. Brown

RE & Catholic Life Policy

At St Anne's Catholic Academy we follow the Birmingham Diocese RE scheme;


'Living and Growing as the People of God.'


'‚ÄčThe Strategy is divided into a number of units for each year group, usually 12, which cover four main areas of study: The Liturgical Seasons of the Church’s Year: The children find out about the significance of each season, its particular signs and symbols and the different liturgies celebrated in each season. Scripture: The children study both Old Testament and New Testament Scripture in order to give them familiarity and knowledge of Scripture as well as enabling them to explore and understand how Catholic beliefs are rooted in what Scripture reveals to us. The Sacraments: There is a strong Sacramental focus in each year group. The Year 3 and Year 6 books fully prepare the children to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist in Year 3 and Confirmation in Year 6. Living as Christians including Prayer: The children learn about what it is to live as Christians today, how the Church is organised from global to parish level and also the opportunities which exist for them to participate in the life of the Church.  

In each unit, there are additional planned opportunities to pray and time to reflect.'


Each year group's coverage can be found below:

More information about RE and Catholic Life at St Anne's Catholic Academy can be found by clicking on the title below:


RE and Catholic Life at St Anne's


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