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⚽️🏀🏈🏅Sports Day 2021 - Today we used the skills we have been preparing for in our PE Lessons to take part in sporting events. Reception Class were amazing, cheering on their team members, supporting everyone in the race not just their friends and using their God given talents! We were unable to have our parents and carers with us today but don’t worry Mrs Wroe captured it all!

Sports Day Events 2021 - Sprint

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Sporting Event - Egg and Spoon Race

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Sporting Event Javalin

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Sporting Event - Obstacle Course

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The children have been working in the style of famous 👩‍🎨 in the outside area.

Following the children’s interest of building we decided to set a problem solving challenge. The children had to build a bridge longer than 6 pencils long. The children were on task, persevering and thinking and making links.

Following our visit from a T- Rex 🦖 we listened the story ‘Harry and the Bucket Full of Dinosaurs’. We then had a problem to solve using a bucket, dinosaurs and our maths brains! The children used mathematical language to talk about more and less, adding and subtracting and we used number names to count.

Dinosaur Crazy…

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We were sent an email today after lunch. We opened it and found a video from the dinosaur who had visited our classroom… 🦖

🦖 Something very strange happened this week, we found muddy footprints in our classroom. They were enormous! When we looked around we noticed outside there was an egg… all day we found clues, wrote signs so nobody touched the egg, used ‘Google’ to find out 🦕 dinosaur facts and wrote some dinosaur facts. I wonder what will happen next…?

Talk for Writing - We have been learning ‘The Gingerbread Man’ story in our Talk for Writing. The children drew around Mrs Wroe and then started to fill in the outline with a variety of resources.

A Teddy Bears Picnic… 🧸 The children invited their teddies into school for our maths lesson. We were learning how to share equally and fairly, making equal pairs and making sure it was fair.

🇷🇴 We have been celebrating our families cultures. This term we looked at Romania. Our wonderful parents made us some delicious food to taste. We watched some traditional Romanian dancing and then joined in. We learnt how to say colours and say hello in Romanian too!

In Pe this week, we used the outside area to revisit the skill of catching and throwing a ball. The children impressed me with their developing skills. Only three children in the class needed some extra support. ⚽️ We finished off our lesson with some team ball games, working together and using other skills to support our balance, speed and hand eye movement. 🏀

In our Maths learning this week we have been rotating shapes. We listened to the story of ‘Grandpa’s Quilt’ and then used the shapes in different sizes small, medium and large to recreate ‘Grandpa’s Quilt’. The children worked collaboratively to rotate the shapes to fit. Some children designed their own quilts after participating in the group work.

Going for Gold 🥇 - The games have begun and Reception children were so excited to get started! We have dressed in our sports kits today to start the beginning of our whole school project - Going for Gold, linked to the upcoming Oylmpics.

🌊 World Ocean Day 🌎 We have been learning all about our oceans and plastic. 🐠 We found out some information that made us all really sad. We are thinking of ways this week how we can save our oceans.🐳 We listened to a story about a plastic bag that ended up in the ocean. So, we decided to help out by putting our rubbish in the bin! We went for a walk around school to look for our recycling station. At lunchtime we are now recycling out crisp packets, paper bags and plastic bottles. 🐙

The children returned to this activity each day to create more sea creatures using the recycled materials. They used resources independently to fix, adapt and create the most wonderful creations.

💥 👊🏻 The children have had great fun finding out about subtraction plying the ‘Hulk Subtraction Smash’ game. The children used mathematical language to give explanations about what was happening when we take objects away. We left the activity out in the provision for children to revisit and it’s been a very popular activity!

Half Term Project - During the holiday the children had a task to care for a tomato 🍅 plant. After planting beans the children have been interested in growing other vegetables and plants. Parents supported the children in helping them to measure any growth of the plant. We have planted some tomato plants at school too, we are caring for them daily and measuring them to see if they have grown.

This week in Maths we have busy solving problems... it all began with Mr Gumpy’s Boat. The children were given a word problem and had to work in teams to solve it.

🐢🐌🦎🐸🕷🐍 Today we had a visit from Cool Critters. We were greeted by some very unusual critters. The children in Reception were very brave touching, stroking and observing the critters. Some children had Mia the snake around their neck!!!!! The children asked some fantastic questions and we found out some interesting facts too!

This week we have been writing ‘Super Sentences’. Over the past few weeks we have been developing our letter formation. The children have worked hard, learning about capital letters, fingers spaces and using a full stop! On Wednesday we used the climbing frame to make sure we develop our muscles so we can become successful writers.

Skipping Workshop - Today we had an exciting start to our morning. Lizzie came into school to teach us how to skip! The children used their learning behaviours to persevere when it got tricky... and it was tricky! By the end of the session four children were able to skip independently. 🙌🏼

Today in our Maths lesson we have been finding out about doubles. We used mirrors to make ‘Magic Mirror Maths’. The children enjoyed making magic doubles!

✏️ Super Sentences - The children have been working hard with developing their fine motor skills to become super writers. Today we were able to write ‘Super Sentences’. 🙌🏼

Embedding skills and knowledge in different ways... we have been learning about doubles. During snack time the children are given a challenge to answer the banana double question.

🇮🇹 In Reception every half term we celebrate our families culture, home language and find out about the country. This half term it’s Italy 🍝🍕🇮🇹. One of our families have supported us in cooking a pasta dish from their home town in Italy. They have given us support on how to pronounce words in Italian. On Friday we made Pizza and it was delicious! 🍕

🚴🏻 Balance Bikes - In PE we have been balancing our bodies, looking at being steady, having control and balancing using equipment. This week in PE we use our body and strength to ride the balance bikes. The children had three differentiated tracks to follow. At the end we raced against the timer, the winning team were the Bunny Rabbits with 4 minutes 8 seconds.

The children have been enjoying getting ready to write. We use the Talk for Writing process to create storytellers and writers. Our focus story is The Three Little Pigs 🐷 🐷 🐷. The children have been learning the story language and actions to retell the story daily. We have engaged them in activities outside; building the houses using large construction, creating the houses out of boxes for small world play and building the brick house with sand. The children have been observed using the story language in their play. Next week we are getting ready to draw our story maps and write parts of the story... ✏️ 📝

🌿 Holy Week - The children have be learning all about Holy Week. Today we watched and retold the story of Palm Sunday 🌿🌿🐴👑. The children participated and took home their own palm cross and book about Easter. 🌿👑🙏🏻

The children watched ‘The Stations of the Cross’ and we talked about how Jesus was feeling, how it made us feel and the children shared sad experiences they have had. We placed Jesus in the tomb we had made in class and await ‘good news’. The children have enjoyed a week of activities making Easter cards for their families, making chocolate Easter nests and we have been hunting for Easter eggs outside!

🌼🌈🙏🏻National Reflection Day 2021🙏🏻🌈🌼

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Today we have sat quietly, reflected on the year gone by and prayed for all those who have suffered, lost and kept us safe.

The children have been learning to work systematically to find different ways to make 10! We used the Numicon to help us today.

🌻 This week we have been working in the style of Vincent Van Gogh. We found out he is a famous artist and we looked at some of his paintings. During art day at St Anne’s we have created observational water colour paintings of daffodils. 🌼 The children listened to classical music and painted some wonderful flowers. 🎨 👩‍🎨 👨‍🎨 🖼

We have been reading Jasper’s Beanstalk this week. So, on Tuesday we planted a bean! The children have been very excited to observe change and growth, we have been, bean detectives. We have written instructions on how to plant a bean. We have also made an experiment putting a bean in the dark, dark cupboard! What an exciting week it has bean!!!!! 🌱

Here is some of our instructions for Jasper... 🌱

☀️🍦 It’s good to be back... Congratulations to all of our amazing children on their return to school. Today we had a treat of an ice cream 🍦 for being amazing!

🌸 Happy Mother’s Day to all of our families... 🌼 Thank you for all you do.

We said our morning prayer in our ‘reflection area’ in the outside garden today... we observed the daffodils starting to bloom 🌼

☀️🌈🌱Enjoying some Spring sunshine in the big garden... the children enjoy being out in the open space.

It started with a bean... 🌱 We have been busy finding out about beans... we used Goggle to find out what was in the bowl. We found out what the bean would need to grow - 🌞💧🪴Then we planted a bean! We are busy observing the bean to see if there are any changes or growth.🌱

✝️ We have been quiet and still, reflecting and praying during our ‘Collective Worship’. We have been talking about prayer, fasting and giving. We shared our prayers and learnt new responses. We sang a song to say sorry for the wrong choices we may have made. The focus of our meditation today was Lent. ✝️

And we are back... 🙌🏼 On Monday the 8th of March we welcomed our school family back. We were all so excited to be together again. 🥳

Happy Half Term Everyone... 🌈 We want to let you know how super proud we are of you all. Thank you for being amazing, for working hard and for staying positive. Well done to all of our parents and carers for your support. 🌈Today we are celebrating, it’s party day 🥳🥳🥳🥳 We have been busy delivering a party bag to your house. It was lovely to see you all. 🥳🥳🥳🥳

Home Learning this week has been very busy... well done everyone, you are all super stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️

In PE today we enjoyed a game of cat and mouse using the parachute. The children had to use their good listening ears to follow the instructions...

🥞🥞 We mixed, we flipped and we ate the yummy pancakes with our favourite topping. 🥞🥞🥞

👨‍👩‍👧👨‍👩‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Our Parent Project 2 was to make shortbread biscuits 🍪. We delivered the ingredients you needed: sugar, flour and butter. Miss Hadland made a video to show us how to make the biscuits. Look at the wonderful baking that happened at home and in school with Reception. 🥣🍪

👦🏿👧🏽🗣Children’s Mental Health Week 2020🧠👧🏼👦🏽

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How can you help your Mental Health... Express yourself!
Your challenge this week is to find different ways of expressing yourself - singing, dancing, through art or making things.
Send your videos or photographs on Dojo.

🌈📚💗 Thank you to all our wonderful families for your continued support. You are all doing an amazing job, keep up the good work 📚🏠🌈

🚗🥁🦖🦄 - Show and Tell and Parent Project Friday - 🚗🏠👨‍👩‍👧👨‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Every Friday we take part in a ‘Show and Tell’ session in smaller groups. We give children the opportunity to share their object, talk and we support and encourage language and vocabulary development. Every other Friday we are doing a ‘socially distanced’ ‘Parent Project’ drop off. It’s lovely to see everyone, say a quick hello and drop off our exciting projects.

📚 Online Learning in Reception is delivered using Zoom at 9:30am & 2:30pm. We are using Class Dojo to communicate with our parents and reward our children for their wonderful work at home. 📚

🍊🍐🍎🍌🍉 HEALTHY BODIES AND HEALTHY MINDS 🥑🥦🥬🌽Reception’s PE days at home and in school are ‘Tuesdays and Thursdays’. Safe safe but stay healthy - Let’s get moving... 🧘🏻‍♀️🚴🏻🤸🏾⚽️🛹

🌈 STAY SAFE EVERYONE 🌈 At St Anne’s we are keeping busy at home by learning online. Come and have a look at some of the wonderful learning that is happening...

The third Sunday of Advent 🕯🕯🕯💜💗 and the blessing of Bambinelli in Rome. The children are looking forward to the blessing in school this week at school. 🙏🏻👑

🤩🤩 Congratulations to our superstar learners... Well done Rianna, Isla and Theo. 🤩🤩

We are excited for some special treats coming up, here are some dates for your diary. 🎅🏼🎄

The scene has been set, the story has been told and all will be revealed soon... 🐪🐪🐪👑

We were excited to find a letter from Santa. He has given us special jobs to carry out each week. A random act of kindness to carry out everyday. The children are enjoying being Santa’s helper and being rewarded with a treat from the Advent Calendar at the end of each day. 🎅🏼🎄📝

Wishing our Lolush families a very Happy St. Nicolas Day... 👢👡👠🥿🩴👞👟🥾🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭

The second week of Advent... 🕯🕯💜

This weeks Reception News... 📝

🤩🤩🤩 Congratulations to our Dojo and Virtue Winners of the Week 🤩🤩🤩

Home Learning Parent Project - Bambinelli and the blessing off Father George. 🙏🏻

We are wearing our Christmas Jumpers and donating towards our Holy Spirit MAC Christmas Appeal. We have had a fantastic response to helping others at Christmas time and I look forward to be part of the team delivering on 21st of December. Thank you to all of our families who have supported and donated in any way they could. 🙏🏻

Today is the first Sunday of Advent. Today we light the first candle - Hope. We thank God for the gift of hope he gives us. We are preparing for the special birth of Jesus. Talk to your child about Advent, ask them questions and say prayers of Hope. 🕯💜🙏🏻

Strange things have started to happen this week at school... at snack time we noticed we had some visitors in our fruit bowl... the children started a discussion as to who did it? 🕵🏻‍♀️🕵🏻‍♂️

This weeks Reception news...

🤩🤩 Congratulations to our super star Dojo winners this week... Theo and Sofia you have been working really hard to write your names... 🙌🏼🤩🤩 and Maja had the most Dojo points this week, working hard at home and school! 🤩🤩

This week we have been supporting our Holy Spirit MAC Christmas Appeal. We had a non uniform day where we could wear our Christmas jumpers! We helped raise money to support vulnerable families in our school and local community at Christmas 🍽

This weeks Reception’s news...

🤩 Congratulations to our Dojo winners Carter and Nico. A big round of applause for Giulia who had the most Dojo points! We are also super proud of our Virtue Award Winner - Madiva for always being kind, thoughtful and caring. 🙏🏻

Home Learning for this week; The children have been busy at home and have been rewarded with Dojo points!

News Letter for this week... 👍🏻

Congratulations to this weeks winners... Our Dojo winners are; Harvey and Madiva. Our virtue winner for always showing respect is.... Theo! Our Pudsey Bear Raffle prize winners are; Frank, Riley and Gracie. 🙌🏼🤩

This week has been world kindness day... the children in Reception having been thinking of others, helping others and doing random acts of kindness. Joseph nominated Theo for always being kings to him. On Friday we were thinking of others by raising money for Children in Need. We had a non uniform day and a Pudsey Bear Raffle. 🙏🏻

Our Dojo winners of the week are:Violet-Rose and Poppie. Poppie was that excited she couldn’t keep still for the photograph! 🤩🤩

Home Learning - Thank you for supporting your child’s learning and development at home... 🙌🏼

This weeks newsletter... this week it includes our first ‘Home Learning Task’.

Friday Food Festival 🎊 We have been learning all about Diwali and the children have been making links to special times they share with their own family. Do, on Friday with fantastic parental support we had a Food Festival! Look at all the amazing food that was donated by our parents... Italian, Romanian, Polish, Nigerian, Spanish, Welsh and Indian.

We have been celebrating ‘Autumn Festivals’ during our first week back. Celebrating different cultures, festivals, special times, autumn and harvest. The children have been creative, making firework pictures, decorating mendhi hands and making rangoli patterns.

Welcome back after a restful half term... Thank you so much for all the lovely autumn treasures you have found with your families. We have made an investigation maths area, with all your autumn treasures. We can apply the skills and knowledge we have learnt so far; matching, sorting, counting, noticing pattern and we can explore more ways.

🐸 Help Fred to say the sounds and lock them in your brain... 🐸

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Use your pack sent home over half term to support your child’s developing phonic knowledge... flash the cards daily for 5-10mins, followed by their ‘Green Words’.
Send videos of your children working hard.

Green Words - Please find support for helping children to segment and blend sounds to read...

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🧁Friday Fun 🧁 This week we all made cupcakes, the children helped to measure the ingredients, make comparisons, decorate and eat the cupcakes... they were delicious. 🧁🧁

This weeks Reception News...

Congratulations on this weeks Dojo Winners... 🤩 Giulia, 🤩 Meadow and 🤩 Lily. All of our children made it on the ‘Proud Sunshine’ this week, well done to everyone. 🙌🏼🤩

🙏🏻Congratulations to this terms ‘Virtues Award’ winners.🙏🏻 Our virtue focus has been ‘Curious and Active’. Well done Leo and Emma... 🤩🤩🙏🏻’

🤩Dojo winners of the week are: Maja, Alex and Riley 🙌🏼🤩

Crazy Sock Day - Today our families participated in ‘🧦Crazy Sock Day🧦’. We have donated towards a special celebration, to say thank you to the children for their fantastic start to Reception. The children had to come in to school wearing different socks! We have been developing our maths language and have learnt new words; same, match, sort, different, similar. On Friday we will be making, decorating and eating cupcakes and having party time!

While things are still very different, we thought we’d share what we get up to through the classroom door. Here is a sneaky peak at one of our phonics lessons....

Still image for this video

🧦🧦🧦🧦🧦🧦🧦 It’s ‘crazy sock day’ on Monday 19th October’. Remember your socks cannot match, they need to be different. We have been learning all about matching and sorting in our Maths work. We can’t wait to see your crazy socks! 🧦🧦🧦🧦🧦🧦🧦

✏️📖 We have started to use our pencils to form letters. We have been learning new sounds in our ‘Read Write Inc’ lessons. On a Friday we practise on the whiteboards, then we write in our ‘Fred Writing Book’. Look how we can hold a pencil, look how we can make it move and look at our lovely letters. ✏️📖

This weeks Reception News... 🌈

The Curiosity Approach: This year at St Anne’s we have changed our displays and enhanced our provision by using neutral colours and natural resources. We have began to embed the natural resources into our provision to engage our learners in new and exciting ways. Take a look at our learning environment, this is reflected in the provision and resources used in the big garden too.

Today we have continued to develop our ‘matching’ skills. The challenge was to match the magnet letters to the written letters on the big whiteboard... ready, steady, go!

Mrs P has been busy in the ‘big garden’ getting ready for Work Outside Wednesday. She has built our Mud Kitchen out of recycled materials. We can’t wait to make mud pies and magic potions 🍁🍂🍃

At St Anne’s we are lucky to have this reflection area to sit and be with God.

Reading is one of our school priorities. In Reception we love books, we have developed a ‘Reading Hut’ in our outside garden area. Pop in and have a look at a book! 📚

This week we have started ‘Read Write Inc’. The children were very excited to meet ‘Fred the Frog’. Over the past few weeks we have been listening carefully to sounds, using our good listening ears. We have played musical instruments, been on a sound walk outside and played lots of instruction games. This has helped us this week as we have listened to new sounds of letters!

In Maths this week we have been thinking about ‘matching’ and finding objects that are the ‘same’. The children have been using new language: similar, same, match, different.

Reading is a priority at St Anne’s Catholic Academy. We want to develop a love for books. Each week we have a book focus, this book links to our Literacy and Maths teaching and learning. The children vote each day for a story of their choice, read by the teacher at the end of the day. 📚

The children have been working hard to learn and follow our school and class rules. We have also been learning to say our prayers, focus our eyes on our prayer area and talk to God. 🙏🏻

Reception News for Parents 🌈

Today we have supported a charity, Macmillan. We would normally have a big coffee morning where we would sell the yummy cakes, but this year we have had to do thing differently. So Mrs Wroe and Miss Darlington made a cake shop. We took our pennies and brought a delicious cake from the cake shop! We had our cakes at snack time. We raised lots of money. Later on in the afternoon we made a cake shop and the children enjoyed being the customer and the seller. We have added this experience to our provision for next week.

Welcome to St. Anne’s Reception Class of 2020-2021. We would welcome you to follow us on our learning journey. This is our first week at school. We are all part time, staying for our dinner on Thursday and Friday as part of us settling into school life. We have been learning to keep our hands clean, to stay safe and to keep others safe too. Here we are having some fun in the autumn sunshine, in the big garden. 📸

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