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St Anne's Catholic Academy

Love God, Love Learning, Love One Another




Subject Leaders

Our school Liturgy Team


Our school Liturgy Team meets every Friday at 12:00-12:25 in Nursery.


The Liturgy Team is made up of ten children from year four to year six. The Gospel Virtues are described as: loving, hopeful, attentive, learned, faith filled, generous, eloquent, intentional, compassionate, active, truthful, prophetic, curious, wise, grateful and discerning.  Our Liturgy Team are children that every minute of every day show these virtues, they are excellent role models and support all of our children, in school, on their journey of Faith. A journey which will enable them to develop their spiritual faith as well as a deep faith in themselves and their own unique abilities.


Our School Mission Statement

‘Love God, Love learning, Love one another’


Our Liturgy Team lead by example.  They model how we love God, how we love learning and how we love one another both in school and in the wider community.


The Liturgy Team describe how they see their role…


“We are guides, helping everyone in our school family to grow as individuals who have their own talents and personalities, we are like Jesus’ Disciples.  We are followers of Christ and his teachings and we learn from him.  We help everyone with their prayer and try to be like Jesus, to have respect for others, well respect for everything, this is all part of our ‘Catholic Life’.  We are Leaders, but we don’t tell anyone what to do, we show them how like Jesus did.  We have Christ at the Center of everything we think, feel and do and this is how we help everyone in our school family to grow in their Faith.”

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