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PE at St. Anne's 

PE Co-Ordinator Miss R Oates


Here at St. Anne’s Catholic Academy, we recognise the difference that physical education can make to the pupils in our school. We strive on maintaining health and fitness throughout the academic year, therefore, each class aims to have around 2-3 PE lessons each week. These include a range of sporting activities where pupils will have the opportunity to express their passion for PE and improve their skills and knowledge. We have an assortment of facilities within school including sports equipment and indoor apparatus which is used frequently during our lessons. Over time, children will work both independently and in groups, learning the importance of staying active.



After School & Lunchtime Clubs

At St. Anne's Catholic Academy, we offer a wide range of after school clubs and lunchtime clubs throughout the year. These are ran by both NBLT and various independent agencies. Most of our sport clubs are available to both KS1 & KS2 and run on separate days.


Club type


Football Friday- after school (resuming soon)
Cricket Resuming soon
Hockey Resuming soon


Resuming soon
Dodgeball Resuming soon
Netball Monday 3:30-4:15
Cross Country Lunchtime
Multisport Resuming soon
Dance Resuming soon




We are currently running a netball club which takes place after school and is free of charge. At present, netball is available to Year 5 only but will be offered to both Year's 3 and 4 once bubble restrictions lift.


MAC Sports

MAC sports day is an annual event which involves various sporting activities. This includes KS2 where children will have the opportunity to get involved in their preferred sports. Regular PE classes will be held throughout the week to support practice for upcoming events. 

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