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PE at St. Anne's 

PE Co-Ordinator Miss R Oates


Here at St. Anne’s Catholic Academy, we recognise the difference that physical education can make to the pupils in our school. We strive on maintaining health and fitness throughout the academic year, therefore, each class aims to have around 2-3 PE lessons each week. These include a range of sporting activities where pupils will have the opportunity to express their passion for PE and improve their skills and knowledge. We have an assortment of facilities within school including sports equipment and indoor apparatus which is used frequently during our lessons. Over time, children will work both independently and in groups, learning the importance of staying active.



After School & Lunchtime Clubs

At St. Anne's Catholic Academy, we offer a wide range of after school clubs and lunchtime clubs throughout the year. These are ran by both NBLT and various independent agencies. Most of our sport clubs are available to both KS1 & KS2 and run on separate days.


Club type


DodgeballKS2 Friday 3:30-4.30
NetballKS2 Monday 3:30-4:30
Multi-SkillsKS1 Monday 3:30-4:30




We are currently running a netball club which takes place after school and is free of charge. At present, this is available to the whole of KS2.



Dodgeball is ran by NBLT and is available to KS2, payable via parent-mail.



Ran by NBLT and involving a variety of sports, multi-skills is currently available to KS1. Also payable via parent-mail.


MAC Sports

MAC sports day is an annual event which involves various sporting activities. This includes KS2 where children will have the opportunity to get involved in their preferred sports. Regular PE classes will be held throughout the week to support practice for upcoming events. 

Our return to school...

The Daily Mile

Martial Arts Workshop

Year 3 and Year 5 took part in an exciting and skilled Martial Arts taster session. The children explored and learnt about different elements of martial arts. Martial arts techniques, involve lots of muscular endurance, cardiovascular exercise and using your fundamental movements (ABC’s). They took part in a warmup, followed by some pad work looking at attacking and defending techniques.  The children really enjoyed the session and lots of them are keen to attend our new Martial Arts club! 

Change Makers

Following on from our recent workshop last term we are starting our very own 'Change Makers Challenge'. This involves stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new foods, exercises, and daily activities which you we wouldn't usually try. Along the way- we will be filling out Change Maker booklets, watching videos to support us. This will help us track our progress to see who has made the most changes to their lifestyle and who will become Change Maker Champions!

Skipping Workshop- 13th May 2021

This week, the children have taken part in a fun packed skipping workshop where we learnt lots of new skills using our skipping rope! We have found that skipping improves fitness, coordination, cooperation, and behaviour and as a school, we demonstrated these skills across the day in various challenges. The children showed great enthusiasm during the workshop and have been left with a genuine buzz, wanting to show off their new found love for skipping!


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