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Our Faith


We are made in the image of God


To hand on our Catholic faith to future generations is the privilege and responsibility of the Church. As a member of the Church family, St Anne’s Catholic Academy shares in this important and demanding task. To scaffold our children to go forth and be active participants of Catholic life is truly an honour.


Our school is a caring, safe place where everyone is equal. Inspired by the Holy Spirit and guided by the teachings of Christ, we know, love and respect each other, helping each other to be the best we can be. Education at St Anne’s is always directed towards the growth of the whole person. Our school’s character is formed by the fundamental view of human beings as unique, made in the image of God.  



We recognise that we have a shared responsibility with parents to lead children, to support their knowledge of the responsibilities they have as Catholics and aid them to gain a deeper understanding of their faith.  We are God’s Children and we follow in his footsteps by doing his will, by helping everyone we can.  Our Catholic Life is the foundation of our school.

Stay and Pray Liturgies


During November, some of our classes will be leading us in Stay and Pray liturgies. Parents are invited to come along and join us in a special time of prayer and reflection where we will be thinking about and opening up our hearts to Mary, the mother of Jesus.

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