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Learning About Our Faith

Teaching and learning of RE


The teaching and learning of RE at St Anne’s School seeks to help pupils understand more fully what God has made and created. Through formal and informal teaching, staff will provide pupils with a wide variety of opportunities to hear and respond to the person and message of Jesus Christ, through the teachings of the Catholic Church.


Through the delivery of the Diocesan Religious Education Strategy we aim to develop the sharing of experiences, knowledge, skills and understanding not only between teachers and learners, but also between learners themselves.


Our aim is that teaching and learning in RE should promote both a real interest and enjoyment of RE, and a deeper understanding of our faith. Strategies used include speaking and listening activities, thinking activities, research activities, writing and prayer activities, art, role play and drama. ICT is used to enhance teaching and learning in RE across the school. Children are taught our Catholic RE curriculum from Nursery through to Year 6.

Our Mission Statement:


To make Jesus Christ known to our children by leading them on their journey of faith;

 By respecting the uniqueness of each individual child and by pursuing excellence in all that we do,

working in partnership with parents, carers and the wider community.


‘Love God, Love learning, Love one another


Our Aims:


  • To help children to search for God, to meet Him, to come to know Him, to enter into a personal relationship with Him.
  • To transmit Gospel values and attitudes within the Catholic tradition. In doing this to assist the children to form and develop positive attitudes to God, to other people, to themselves and to the world around them.
  • To support the growth of each child spiritually, emotionally and socially into a well-integrated, self-confident Catholic person who will be committed in a personal way to the service of God.
  • To assist children to express their faith and nurture it through prayer, liturgy and the Sacraments
  • To foster and encourage a partnership between home, school and parish in pursuit of developing the children's Catholic faith and moral and social development.
  • To enable children to deepen their knowledge of God's message through the Bible and the doctrine of the Catholic faith.
  • To foster acceptance and respect of the cultures and beliefs of others as preparation for meeting the challenge of living in a multicultural, multi faith society.


How we meet our aims:




10% of curriculum time is devoted to R.E. at St. Anne’s School, as required by Bishops Conference. The Mass is the centre of liturgical worship in the Catholic Church and as such has an established place in the life of the school, is celebrated weekly. Teaching of RE usually takes place in two or three blocks of curriculum time per week, with additional blocks of time in Lent, Holy Week and Advent as appropriate. Monday whole school assembly is based upon the Sunday Liturgy.


The R.E. Scheme of Work


The school uses the Diocesan Curriculum Strategy – Learning and Growing as the Children of God. The scheme is structured and developmental. It follows the liturgical year, building on children’s knowledge and understanding of Bible stories and events. By using the Diocesan scheme the school ensures progression and continuity and crosses curricular boundaries by including drama, Art, ICT, research, discussion, visits and extended writing.  


Linked with the scheme of Religious Education is the Family Life and Sex Education policy, SMSCV and our work on multicultural education.

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