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Today we have welcomed our new Nursery students. They all been superstars, they have came into the setting beautifully and it has been a real pleasure to watch them play, have fun and make new friends. We cannot wait to see them learn and grow together at St. Anne’s…

Talking To God

At St. Anne’s we have a school motto of, Love God, Love Learning, Love One Another. Today we have taken some time to practice making the Sign Of The Cross. We have a special prayer area in our provision called an Alter, this is where we can go to take some time to talk to God, to ask him for help, thanks or to say please or sorry. The children have enjoyed looking at some of the special objects that are on our Alter such as; the Bible, candles, mirrors and objects that reflect a time of harvest… 

We ask God to keep the children and families of our school safe and healthy this year. 

Healthy Snacks

Today the children have looked at what makes a healthy snack. Whilst we are at school we have access to our snack area, the children are able to choose their own fruits, vegetables and drinks. We have discussed what could make a healthy or unhealthy snack. The children said that lots of fizzy pop and sugary sweets would not be good to eat every day. They also said that drinking milk would help our bones to grow strong, water would keep our brains working and fruits or vegetables keep us nice and healthy. The children also said it was very important to wash our hands with soap and water before eating to stop the germs! 

Welcoming Our Children

Today we have had the pleasure of welcoming our returning Nursery students and our new Reception class into the setting. We had lots of fun making new friends and exploring the environment together. After being very brave and waving their parents goodbye at the gate, all of the children settled beautifully and were eager to play and learn. 

Welcome To EYFS

A warm welcome to the EYFS class page. We are very excited to showcase our brand new unit where Nursery and Reception class work alongside each other. We look forward to sharing our learning journey with you and watching the children of St. Anne’s Catholic Academy grow and flourish… 



Our curriculum is broad and balanced, it’s exciting and fascinating, rich and varied.
It is based around our children, their previous experiences, interests and individual needs. This
ensures we provide an inclusive and quality approach with high expectations.
In line with the whole school approach we promote a calm, nurturing and safe environment for
our children to discover and learn together.
We draw children’s attention to what will help them develop knowledge and skills that they need for
future learning; Cultural Capital.
We start by including parents to gather information and take into account our local
community. We then notice what children do, listen to what they are saying and play with them. This forms our Baseline, our starting point.

We ensure we allow our staff time to notice, respond and give feedback to our children playing alongside them as they learn new skills and gain knowledge.
We capture significant moments over time to track children’s progress in our ‘Lovely Learning
Books’ and think what’s next...
We share these with parents, children and staff over time so they can observe the children’s learning
journey. Their learning journey is reflected within the learning environment, so children can recall and remember significant events.
We use ‘Development Matters’ as a tool to inform our planning. It supports our knowledge of
skills and how best to support children.
Other tools and strategies we use to support our curriculum include: Little Big Maths, White Rose
Maths, Language Assessment Tool and Talk for Writing, Read Write Inc., Letters and Sounds, Write Dance, Funky Fingers and Dough Disco.
Due to the current situation we have taken into consideration that children have been away from educational settings for significant amounts of time, that there are gaps in learning, knowledge and skills and children need time to adapt, to feel settled and secure.

A recovery curriculum has been put in place, time for repeat, revisit and remember and strategies
used to support closing gaps in identified areas of learning.
Alongside all of this we are taking into account children’s ‘Health and Wellbeing’, supporting
transition, personal, social and emotional development and recognising ways in which we can support their minds.


For more information regarding our Curriculum and scheme of learning please see the Curriculum section on our school website.



Meet Our Team 

Mrs K. Wroe

EYFS Lead and Reception Teacher


Miss C. Hadland 

Nursery Teacher


Miss M. Bishop 

Nursery Teacher


Mrs J. Palfreman

Early Years Practitioner 



Mrs L. Argyle

Early Years Practitioner






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