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Curriculum Intent at St. Anne's Catholic Academy

If you would like to know any more about what your children are learning just talk to the class teacher. We are always happy to help.

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Growth Mindset

The term ‘growth mindset’ refers to a way of thinking, learning and taking on challenges. A person with a growth mindset is open to constructive criticism, takes feedback and uses it, takes on new challenges, pushes themselves outside of their comfort zone and shows resilience and perseverance.

Studies show that it is people with a growth mindset (as opposed to a fixed mindset) who achieve in life, are successful in all they do and are happy. Of course, this is exactly what we want for all our children.

W/c: 14.12.20

W/c: 7.12.20

W/c: 30.11.20 - Mindset

23.11.20 - Perseverance


Our Growth Mindset word of the week is making a return this Autumn! 

This week we are focusing on RESILIENCE, as this is something that each and everyone of us has shown over the course of the year so far. Keep your eyes peeled for next week's.


18.3.19 This week the school has focused on not giving up when faced with a challenge.



Year 6 carried out a mock SATs week and everyone in the class challenged themselves to beat their previous test scores.  All children were successful - we are so proud, well done!


Year 5 and 6 challenged themselves to learn Makaton Sign Language for their Mother's Day performance of "Mama I Love You" by the Spice Girls.  The performance was amazing and enjoyed by all.


1.4.19   This week in school, we are exploring the idea that "mistakes can be good"


Did you know? No one set out to invent sticky notes. Instead, in 1968, Dr. Spencer Silver, a chemist at 3M Company, invented a unique, low-tack adhesive that would stick to things but also could be re-positioned multiple times. He was trying to invent a super-strong adhesive, but he came up with a super-weak one instead!

The Power of  "YET"


Children across the school have set personal targets and have came up with action plans to help them achieve their target.


I can't remember all of my shapes YET so I will

- revise the shape names every night

- ask my teacher, parents and peers to support me

-ask for extra homework

-look for interactive shape games


"Oliwier, Year 6"




Children have been encouraged to step out of their comfort zones and try something new:

  • a new sport
  • a new game
  • playing with new people
  • presenting their work in a different way
  • trying new food


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