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Sickness/Unwell Children


Thank you for working with us over the last few weeks on attendance, but as the week has progressed we have had some sickness bugs and children developing colds/coughs etc. I suppose this has been inevitable; it is quite normal for children to pick up bugs and colds on returning to school, especially after a more prolonged period of absence for many children. This year however, there is a difference, as some of the symptoms children display are linked to those of the COVID virus. The government have provided guidance of what we should and shouldn’t be doing. Please can I clarify from the guidance what you should be doing as a parent:

· If you child has a normal cold/ sore throat without a temperature or new and continuous cough they can come into school (you know your child and will now if they are well enough to attend).

· If your child is displaying a temperature or a new and continuous cough we are asking that you have them tested for COVID and also report their absence by calling the school as you normally would.

· If the test is positive please let the school know ASAP, and then the household would need to isolate for 10 - 14 days. The school will immediately notify the Local health Protection Team who will carry out a rapid risk assessment and identify appropriate next steps.

· If the test is negative the child can return to school but only when their temperature is normal. Please send a copy of the result to

· If the test is unclear – another test will need to be administered or your child will need to isolate for at least 10 days from when the symptoms started and until their temperature is normal.

· If your child is going to be off more than 3 days – the school/class teacher will send work electronically for your child to do remotely (if they are well enough to do so).

We appreciate this may cause more complexities and difficulties to family life, but this is the advice that has been shared through the Department of Education and Public Health.

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