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Collective Worship

Collective Worship.


Every Wednesday our whole school comes together to worship and we also have the opportunity to reflect. Whole school collective worship is planned and delivered by teachers and by the pupils themselves. Every week we collect, we reflect and we all, as a school family, take time to be at one with God.

Collective worship is sometimes simply prayer, or maybe music, we explore and think about religious paintings and watch thought provoking videos. For all of our forms of collective worship we ask questions and explore our answers.

Collective worship gives us the opportunity to further develop our faith on a very personal level - through this we try to gain a deeper understanding of our relationships with the Lord.

Year 3 'One Life' First Holy Communion Retreat

Year 6 Collective Worship



We try to be at one with the Lord whenever we can and one of the ways we do this is by praying. Our day is punctuated with prayer. The day begins and ends with our nominated prayers; we say grace before and after lunch. We also say a prayer after break time. These prayers help us to say sorry, say thank you, ask for help and praising the Lord for everything.


Prayer is the way we communicate with God. Prayer comes from our human heart as we speak to God, our creator. We listen, we speak and we reflect, knowing that God will always respond to our prayers as His children.

His Grace Archbishop Bernard Longley led Mass with Father George at St. Anne's Parish as part of his Denary visit

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