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Welcome Back


I would like to welcome you all back to school and into your final year of Primary School.


Topic - Ancient Greece

In this topic the children will be learning how to locate Greece on maps of Europe and the world and use 4 and 6 grid references to locate features. They will look at why Greece today is thriving holiday destination alongside the physical and human features.

They will study the beliefs and practices of the Ancient Greeks - Designing their own temple for one of the gods, using the key features of their architecture. As well as designing and making their own clay pots.


Reading - Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

This half term our focus text, links to our topic of Ancient Greece. The children will use the VIPER strategies to identify key vocabulary, make predictions and inferences about the story and unusual characters we meet on the way.


English - Greek Myths - Biography - Poetry 

The children will be studying closely the Greek Myth - Theseus & the Minotaur. They will write a description of the Minotaur as they are Theseus himself entering the labyrinth themselves. They will identify techniques for creating tension and drama in the atmosphere alongside using imagery to build pictures in the readers mind.


The children will also look at the Greek god Zeus and his interesting life. The children will research the key events in his life, from being eaten by his father to becoming king of all the gods. Children then write a biography about him.


Maths - Place Value

The children will be focusing on their knowledge of place value for numbers up to 10, 000,000. They will be representing numbers in different pictorial representations, comparing and ordering numbers as well as rounding any number.


Science - Circularatory System

Children will build on their knowledge and understanding of different systems within the body. They will research the parts and functions of the circulatory system. They will focus on how nutrients are transported around the human body. Children will explore how a healthy lifestyle supports the body to function and how different types of drugs affect the body.

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