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Autumn Term

Roman Military Manoeuvres.


Did you know that the Roman Army was one of the most well trained, disciplined and organised military organisations throughout history? 

We took inspiration to learn some of the techniques used by the Romans such as The Wedge, The Orb, The Repel-Cavalry and The Tortoise.

We love reading! 


Today we spent the morning looking at and sharing books with our friends. We learned that there are so many different types of books to choose from - What's your favourite genre?

The science of sound 


This afternoon we explored different ways of creating and changing sound as part of our science lesson.

Indoor Athletics 


This term we developed a range of different athletic skills - running, jumping, throwing, balancing ... Here we are practising our javelin throwing. 

October is the month of The Holy Rosary.


We made sure that we understood the prayers of The Rosary before learning how to pray them together. We used the school Rosary beads, as well as our own, to help guide our prayers.

Maths Challenge Game: Ordering numbers


Today the children had great fun playing maths games to help them to deepen their understanding of number and place value.


Playing in pairs, children take it in turns to roll 3 dice to create a 3-digit number. Deciding on the order of the digits, they need to take in turns to plot their number on the number line. The aim of the game is to get three numbers in a row without the other player blocking them with a number of their own.



As an end of term treat, and as part of our DT project, Year 4 had great fun creating and testing their own Roman-inspired catapults. They learned about how and why they were used by the Roman Army and about all about the different elements of catapult designs before creating their own versions using lollipop sticks and wooden spoons (including a quick lesson on sustainability!). Their favourite part, of course, was the testing and they had great fun firing scrap paper missiles across the hall. 

Year 4 Remembrance Assembly

Exploring dictionaries:


Today we put our reading and alphabet skills to the test trying to locate words in a dictionary in order to find the definitions. 

(Virtual) School Trip to Chester Zoo


We couldn't go on a school trip this term so we brought zoo to us!


We had fun this afternoon learning all about animal adaptations before using the knowledge to create our own animals adapted to a habitat of our choice. Some of our creature creations were very unique. 

We're Famous!


Dear Rebecca and Year 4,


Many thanks for your wonderful questions.


Although they were not used during our live programme, we thought you would like to know that Ranger Sean answered one of them during an extra filming session that is now published on the Live Lessons website.


It is on the right hand side beneath the main clip.


Best wishes,


The BBC Live Lessons team


***Well Done to Riley for his excellent question - Why do sloths move slowly?***

Collective Worship


Celebrating the majesty of nature by finding leaves to create an autumn prayer display.



This term in PE we have been focusing on OAA (Outdoor and Adventurous Activities). We had to work as a team, learn the compass directions and develop our orienteering skills. 

Bambinelli Blessing


Today our Bambinellis were blessed and they should be making their way home to you now. We hope that you display them somewhere prominent this Advent Season to remind us to be ready for the Coming of Jesus this Christmas. 

Bubble Party


To celebrate the end of term, all of the classes were invited to celebrate with a bubble party. I think Mrs Thorneycroft took it a little too literally!

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