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Autumn One

Power Week!
W.B 18th October

We had a fantastic Power Week at school learning all about Victorian Schools and finished off our topic by visiting a Victorian Classroom to find out what it was really like!

We have also been designing and creating our ideal classroom out of recycled materials. Then, we used our Maths skills to measure our classroom and identify whose classroom was shorter/longer.

Food bank

In Year One, we were given the important job of counting all of the wonderful donations we have for the food bank. We worked together to count the items and bag them up ready to be taken to the food bank. Our final count was 472 items! Well done everyone, this will be a huge help to our local community!

W.B 11th October

This week, we have been developing our balancing and jumping skills in PE, sorting materials by their properties in Science and learning all about Mass by role playing the key events in RE. 

Annie’s Place

We visited our fabulous new Annie’s Place today and had a great time exploring all of the different things to do in there smiley

W.B 4th October

We have been very busy in Year One this week learning a lot of new things! We have used our class story map to help retell the story Where the Wild Things Are, learnt all about number bonds within 10 and identified some school equipment used during the Victorian times, today or both.


In gymnastics this week, we worked together to balance in different positions and tried to hold this position with some support from our partner.


This week, we have been introduced to the part, whole model. We discussed what each section means and used these models to help add two or three parts together to find the whole. 


We worked together to look carefully at the pictures of Max from different points in the story of ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ and we used post it notes to label how Max felt and what he might have been thinking.


On Thursday, we visited the school library. We discussed how to look after the space and handle the books carefully to make sure everyone can enjoy our school library. We explored the different books available and found somewhere comfy to sit and share a book on our own or with a friend. We are looking forward to going back to the library next week! 


This week, we have been reading the story Where the Wild Things Are, we discussed how Max was feeling at the beginning of the story, described the forest using adjectives and finished off the week with some drama. We took on the role of Max and the Wild Things and re-enacted the story. We used our facial expressions and body language to show how the characters were feeling at different points in the story. We had a lot of fun doing this and can’t wait to continue looking at this story next week!


We have been listening to some music from The Jungle Book and imagining what it was like for Mowgli living in the jungle. We practised curling, balancing, crawling and reaching on all fours like the animals. Then, we used these movements to create a routine.


In Maths this week, we have been sorting objects by their size, shape and colour and representing numbers in different ways. 


We have been artists this week and have learnt all about the artist L S Lowry. We used our sketch books to practise drawing buildings and matchstick people in pen, pencil and charcoal just like L S Lowry! We then used our knowledge and skills to produce a final piece of art inspired by L S Lowry.


Today, we discussed what we already knew about materials. Next, we explored some everyday materials and worked together to identify and label each material.


This week in English, we have been looking at the story ‘The Dot’ by Peter Reynolds. The children have worked hard to write some lovely sentences about the character Vashti and how she felt at different points in the story. We finished the week by taking on the role of Vashti and created our own dot pictures, we are all very proud of our work just like Vashti smiley

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