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Owl Babies

We have been learning all about the story of Owl Babies. Today we made a story board using the illustrations from the book. The children used their phonics skills to to write ‘s’ for Sarah and ‘p’ for Percy. We retold the story using a story map and talked about the characters, the setting and what happened first, next and finally. 

A Very Special Visitor…

As a part of World Animal day, we have had a very special visitor come to our setting today. Winnie the miniature dachshund came to see us and have lots of fun. We compared Winnie to ourselves- we keep our teeth clean by brushing them, Winnie has her teeth cleaned with a special stick. We sleep in a warm comfortable bed, Winnie sleeps in her warm comfortable bed. We must eat healthy foods to keep up fit and strong and so must Winnie! We all took it in turns to care for Winnie and to throw her a toy. Lastly we walked her around the play ground and kept her safe on her lead. After a full day of playing Winnie was very tired but loved her visit to St Anne’s! 


Annie’s Place

At St. Anne's we believe in developing children's life skills. This is where Annie's place will be a home from home for our children and hopefully their families. Children need to understand how what they do at school relates to everyday life and Annie's place will be a central part of this incredible journey that we take our children on.

Today we have had the pleasure of taking EYFS to visit Annie’s Place and explore all that it has to offer. The children all said how much they enjoyed their visit and looked forward to learning essential life skills there!




Music and Movement

Today we have introduced PE to Nursery. We went though to the main hall all together and looked at how we could keep our bodies fit and healthy! 

We discussed how we could keep safe in the hall and then what foods we could eat to be healthy. The children suggested apples, bananas and pears. They also said that fizzy pop and chocolate is a special treat that we should not eat all of the time. 

Together we moved out bodies in time to the music and listened to the instructions. We can bend, stretch, wiggle and jump! 



Exploring Environmental Sounds

As a part of Work Outside Wednesday we have been outside exploring our beautiful, natural environment. Today we have been on a lovely walk around our large school grounds to see what we can see and hear. 

We switched on our good listening ears and began our walk by our Big Garden. Here we found lots of logs where we could see some wildlife living. We found lots of spiders, daddy long legs and wood lice. This sparked lots of questions from the children such as- how did the bugs get here? What might they eat? Do they live with their families here? We then proceeded along the boundaries of the school fence to see lots more wildlife. We could hear the wind blowing and some birds chirping. It then began to rain! So we stopped for shelter under a big, green tree and sang some songs together. The weather must have been listening because the rain soon stopped and a beautiful rainbow appeared! 

Further up the school field we discovered some woodlands through a secret passage! We could hear the sticks breaking under our feet and the leaves blowing in the wind, they make a crinkle and crunch sound. We explored the woodlands and thought about who might live in this habitat. 

We finished our long walk in the vegetable patch. We found lots of delicious fruits and vegetables. We even stopped to smell the fragrant herbs that grow here. 

After a long walk we were very hungry, so we enjoyed a healthy snack and some milk under the tree and sang some more songs and rhymes. 

The children all commented on how much they enjoyed a walk outside. They saw so many amazing things and liked stepping into please 1 phonics together. 



Macmillan Coffee Morning

Today we have began our Holy Spirit Experience in the form of fundraising for a charity. We have chosen to raise money for Macmillan. The children were very generous and donated what they could to this fantastic cause. In return we iced, decorated and ate cakes whilst discussing all of the important work that Macmillan does for so many families. We ask God to look after all of the people who are under Macmillan’s care and we hope that he keeps them safe. 

Beginning Our Journey Into Phonics

We have begun our learning journey into phonics. The children have been busy learning new sounds each day. 
Today the children have revisited and remembered their new sounds and linked them to the letter shape. 

We set a challenge to look up high, look down low to find the same letter and match it. Look at all the letters we found in our learning environment. Some children even wrote their own letters.


Work Outside Wednesday!

This week we have began our Work Outside Wednesday programme. All children within EYFS have explored our outdoor environment and continued to develop their skills. They have been challenged to be creative and critical thinkers throughout each activity such as building dens from loose parts to resourcing natural ingredients to make delicious mud pies. The children have also practiced using their gross motor skills through running, climbing and accessing a variety of balance bikes. 


The children have also been harvesting some delicious home grown vegetables from our garden. We discussed where our vegetables come from and the benefits of a healthy diet. The children took great pride in sharing their vegetables with their families at the end of the day! 


Welcome New Nursery Children!
Today we have welcomed our new Nursery students. They all been superstars, they have came into the setting beautifully and it has been a real pleasure to watch them play, have fun and make new friends. We cannot wait to see them learn and grow together at St. Anne’s…


Talking To God

At St. Anne’s we have a school motto of, Love God, Love Learning, Love One Another. Today we have taken some time to practice making the Sign Of The Cross. We have a special prayer area in our provision called an Alter, this is where we can go to take some time to talk to God, to ask him for help, thanks or to say please or sorry. The children have enjoyed looking at some of the special objects that are on our Alter such as; the Bible, candles, mirrors and objects that reflect a time of harvest… 

We ask God to keep the children and families of our school safe and healthy this year. 


Healthy Snacks

Today the children have looked at what makes a healthy snack. Whilst we are at school we have access to our snack area, the children are able to choose their own fruits, vegetables and drinks. We have discussed what could make a healthy or unhealthy snack. The children said that lots of fizzy pop and sugary sweets would not be good to eat every day. They also said that drinking milk would help our bones to grow strong, water would keep our brains working and fruits or vegetables keep us nice and healthy. The children also said it was very important to wash our hands with soap and water before eating to stop the germs! 



Welcoming Our Children

Today we have had the pleasure of welcoming our returning Nursery students and our new Reception class into the setting. We had lots of fun making new friends and exploring the environment together. After being very brave and waving their parents goodbye at the gate, all of the children settled beautifully and were eager to play and learn

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