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Autumn 2

Topic - World War 2

Geography - Throughout this topic we will be making close links to our local area by plotting the cities bombed during the Blitz. We will then be investigating where the bombs hit in Coventry and surrounding areas.


History - The children will investigate and explain how people and cities protected themselves during these air attacks. They will recap on the events that triggered the start of the war and study some key figures involved (Winston Churchill and Hitler). Furthermore, they will learn important facts about the Holocaust and investgate events that were key turning points in the war such as:  the Battle of Britain and the German invasion of Russia, these will then be placed onto a timeline in chronological order.


Design and Technology - The children will investigate how Anderson Shelters were constructed before making their own model. They will also investigate the role of tank during the war and make their own working model using mechanical systems.


Art - We will focus on the Artist Henry Moore and his style of art. They will develop their own ideas through sketching before creating their own art work depicting the conditions of the public air raid shelters.


Reading - This half term we will be reading 'Letters from the Lighthouse' by Emma Carroll. They will be studying the text and using VIPERS to look at vocabulary, make inferences and predictions about the characters and the plot.


English - The children will be looking at journalist writing before writing a newspaper report on the Coventry Blitz. They will then look at narrative writing (Using a flashback) using 'The Piano' as an example.


Maths - This half term, we will be focusing on Fractions. The childrern will recap on equivalent and how to simplify fractioins before looking at adding, subtrracting, multiplying and dividing improper and mixed numbers.


Science - Light - This half term the children will investigate how we see. They will begin looking at the human eye and explain how we first see images upside down, then our brains turn them the right way up! They will investigate how light is refelected by making a periscope.


RE - Prayers & Advent - Children will gain a greater knowledge and understanding of traditional prayers of the Church and some actions and symbols associated with prayer.

Welcome Back


I would like to welcome you all back to school and into your final year of Primary School.



Autumn 1


Topic - Ancient Greece

Geography: Locating Greece on maps of Europe and the world using 4 and 6 grid references to locate places and landmarks. Researching and describing the key physical features (mountains, biomes and climate) and human features (econonic activity, trade links and food). To know and identify key city-states on a map of Ancient Greece.


History: To research aspects of life in ancient Greece, identifying where Ancient Greece is on a timeline from 2000BC to present day and some key events in ancient Greek civilisation. The children will look at how ancient Greek civilisation influenced the western world.


Design & Technology: To research how and what ancient Greek and modern day sandals are made from and how they are constructed. Sketching and planning ideas for their own ancient Greek sandal, alongside making a prototype and pattern to enable them to make a well-constructed sandal.


ART: To research the ancient Greek sculptor Myron and to know his famous creation - Discobulous. The children will then study how to sketch a person in motion, before completing their own version of the statue.


Reading - Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

This half term our focus text, links to our topic of Ancient Greece. The children will use the VIPER strategies to identify key vocabulary, make predictions and inferences about the story and unusual characters we meet on the way.


English - Greek gods


The children will also look at the Greek god's Zeus and Hades and their interesting lives. The children will research the key events in their lives, from being eaten by their father to becoming king of all the gods and ruler of the Underworld. Children then write a detailed character description.


Maths - Place Value

The children will be focusing on their knowledge of place value for numbers up to 10, 000,000. They will be representing numbers in different pictorial representations, comparing and ordering numbers as well as rounding any number.


Science - Circularatory System

Children will build on their knowledge and understanding of different systems within the body. They will research the parts and functions of the circulatory system. They will focus on how nutrients are transported around the human body. Children will explore how a healthy lifestyle supports the body to function and how different types of drugs affect the body.


RE - The Story of the people of God

The children will learn old testament stories of Abraham, Isaac, Joseph, Jacob and Moses. They will also about freedon of choice in the story of the fall, before discussing ways in which people can work together to esablish harmony in their relationships through the story of Cain and Abel

Beautiful work examples

What an amazing first week in Year 6. Here are just a few samples of some of the beautiful work the children have completed so far.

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