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W/b: 23.11.20

This week we have linked our topic work on WW2 with our English work and we have been reading a section of 'Goodnight Mr. Tom'. In the story, a young boy called William leaves his Mother at a train station in London and is evacuated to small village in the countryside. Our freezeframes below show a scene from the book; you will see us acting as William with a billeting officer who is taking the children to different houses in the village. We discussed thoughts and feelings, we said William would be feeling...

"terrified", "devastated", "worried" and "nervous".

W/b 9.11.20 Researching what life was like for children in WW2

ICT - Topic research

Use these links to research what life was life for children in World War Two:

Autumn 1 PE

During our NBLT sessions we have been learning and practicing our hockey skills, we've really enjoyed our sessions with Mr. Percival. In our last lesson, we were practicing dribbling with the ball in 3 relay teams, the exciting race was tight as everyone was so focused! Ask Y2 which team won...


We are all so proud of how fabulous and hard working Y2 have been over the last 8 weeks - we had a little party to end the half-term!

Using money that was raised on Mad Hair Day, the children chose what treats they wanted. Taking inspiration from our lunch-time reading with Mrs. Stanoch (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), we think Mr. Wonka himself would be proud of the special treats the children came up with. Check them out below!

Party Treats

19.10.20 - English

This week we have enjoyed getting in touch with Autumn; starting the week off with an Autumnal walk around school -we engaged our senses as we discussed what we could see, hear, smell, feel and taste. Back in the classroom, we used these ideas to create descriptive phrases which in turn, became poems that we performed to each other focusing on using expressive voices.

Who can you spot reading their poems below? 

22.10.20 - Topic 

To end our Great Fire of London unit, today we worked with a partner to create a model Tudor house.

Following the instructions given carefully, we had to score to allow the card to bend and we used valley folds and hill folds. It was rather tricky and we had to help each other our, but that is what Year 2 do!


We hope our Tudor houses don't meet the same fate as those in London in 1666...



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