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Autumn 2

Week beginning 1.11.2021

In Topic, this half term, we are looking at World War 2. In our first lesson we researched key events and ordered them chronologically. We then worked as a team to order the events and learn some key dates. 

Week beginning 9.11.21

We have taken part in a skipping workshop - we had so much fun learning some new techniques and movements. This included skipping backwards, crossing our arms and hopping over the rope. Take a look at some of our photos! 

In Maths this week, we have been looking at adding and exchanging. The children were quick to realise that 1 tens stick is the same as 10 ones cubes. We used this principle to help us exchange. Take a look at our group work below: 

Week beginning 22.11.2021 

This week was anti bullying week - we read a story linking to both anti bullying and E-Safety. Next, we discussed the consequences of actions and how making the right choice will lead to more positive consequences. We worked collaboratively to design posters and had lots of fun.

Week beginning 29.11.2021

This week we have been looking at Propaganda Art work from the 1940s. During WW2, as a way of encouraging people to join the army and support the war effort, lots of posters went up around the city to persuade. We had a go at creating our own Propaganda art work using different forms of media, newspaper cuttings, old war photos as well as our own free hand sketching. 

In P.S.H.E we learnt about the cycle of life. This tied in with our Science work from the last few weeks, where we have looked at the 6 life stages from baby to elderly. We thanked God for all of the stages of life and considered how people change as they move through each. We went on a hunt around the classroom to correctly identify people from each life stage. Take a look at our work below: 

Week beginning 6th December

This week was Enterprise Week. As a class, we decided to bake Christmas themed cup cakes as well as design Christmas coasters. Once we had chosen our final product, we discussed our price point, target audience and set about coming up with a decorative cake design. Next, we created our own adverts, after watching some on the class screen. 

We looked at how to use scales and had our own bakery in the classroom where we worked with coins. 

Take a look at our pictures below!

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