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Autumn 2

Our topic this half term is "Water".  Most of our English work this half term will be based around the Titanic. 

In English this half term we will be:

- revising Year 5 grammar terms

- writing a balanced argument on who was to blame for the sinking of the Titanic

- writing persuasive adverts to take a trip on the Titanic and producing persuasive adverts for Water Aid


Please ensure your child learns their spellings


Whole class reading this half term will be based around the book below:

Curriculum Knowledge and Skills - the document shows what we will be learning about in History, Geography, Art and DT this half term

In Maths this half term we will be multiplying and dividing, we will be learning about:


-common factors

-prime and composite numbers

-square numbers

-cube numbers

-multiplying by 10,100,1000

-dividing by 10,100,1000

-solving problems related to the above


Please ensure your child learns their times tables - your child has been sent their Times Table Rockstar passwords

In Science we are learning about "Animals including Humans" and the changes that occur during these stages.  We will study how babies grow in weight and height and discuss how girls and boys change during puberty.  Finally we will record data in bar charts and line graphs. 
Look at some of the amazing writing we have done this half term:

We raised an amazing £169,71 for Water Aid by walking 10 laps of the school field carrying 2l of water - open the document to see some photos

In geography we have located local and major world rivers using the atlas and ordnance survey maps

In design technology this week we designed our own bridges and then tested the structures strength

In art, we have been painting in the style of Claude Monet
Reader of the Week Writer of the Week Mathematician of the Week

Tia - great contributions during 

whole class reading (6.11.20)

Ryan - a great balanced argument about whether

Ollie should have kept the money he found. (6.11.20)

Jess W - great work finding factors of a 

number (6.11.20)

Tyler - moved up a book band this week (13.11.20) Lydia - a great plan for her balanced argument next week (13.11.20) Jess K - moved up Big Maths sheet (13.11.20)
Julia Z - great effort in reading. (20.11.20) Cody - super effort in writing his balanced argument about who was to blame for the sinking of the Titanic. (20.11.20) Catherine - completing working wall challenges (20.11.20)
Ruby - super effort (27.11.20) Ryan - great ideas in Geography when writing a diary entry describing pollution in the Ganges river. (27.11.20) Milenka - stretching herself in lessons to do the 3 star work (27.11.20)
Hetti - great partner work in reading (4.12.20) Ava - brilliant persuasive Titanic advert (4.12.20) Annabelle - always working in hard in Maths (4.12.20)


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