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St Anne's Catholic Academy

Love God, Love Learning, Love One Another



Aims Statement

The governors and staff at St. Anne’s Catholic Academy actively convey our aims statement through our Catholic ethos.


Through effective leadership the staff at St. Anne’s Catholic Academy aim to:


  • Inspire, transform, support, ensure and value success and share our vision within the school community. 
  • Ensure a high quality of education is delivered through reflective analysis, knowledge of our present achievements and setting appropriate action for future development. 
  • Offer a rich and challenging curriculum that develops the whole child, preparing them for their future role within our society, within the framework of a Catholic education in order to develop an understanding of God’s world and of his plans and purposes for us as part of it. 
  • Pursue excellence. 



​St. Anne’s Catholic Academy's Code of Conduct


We promise to: 

  • Be kind and caring 
  • Always try our best  
  • Keep ourselves and our friends safe 
  • Listen to and respect others
  • Dream big
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