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Prayer and Collective Worship

At St Anne's Catholic Academy, prayer and worship is an integral part of the school day.

We pray with the children:

  • At the beginning of the school day: this consists of the morning prayer, prayer of the month and prayers for various intentions including those suggested by the children
  • Before Meals: Grace before Meals
  • After Meals: Grace after Meals
  • At the beginning and end of an RE lesson:this is linked to the lesson, theme or day
  • At the end of the school day: End of Day prayer
  • During Collective Worship: this is a longer liturgy planned, prepared and led by the children. It includes formal prayers, short Scripture readings, a hymn and time for reflection or spontaneous prayer.
  • In Assemblies: Monday Mission Assembly and  Celebration Assemblies. 
  • At Mass: children go to mass at St Francis Parish Church, a class visit every fortnight and Mass is live streamed into class each week.
  • Prayer Garden: opportunities for personal and spontaneous prayer
  • At home: supported by the class prayer bags

Each classroom has a prayer focus/ sacred space. Children use it as a focal point when they pray. It will include:

  • A follows the liturgical colour
  • A crucifix and candle
  • A statue/artefacts/ symbols- these are changed termly to maintain interest and follow themes or seasons
  • Formal prayer posters or prayer cards
  • Children's composed prayers and artefacts brought from home

 Prayer takes a variety of forms and types and these are used with the children on a regular basis:

Forms of Prayer:

  • Formal prayers led by teacher or children
  • Spontaneous prayer led by teacher or children
  • Prayers from the Mass
  • A Reading from scripture
  • A hymn(singing is praying twice!)
  • Children's own written prayers
  • Actions, signs and symbols accompany prayers when it is suitable to do so
  • Guided meditation/ Lectio Divina
  • Silent prayer

Types of Prayer:

Thanks- prayers which express our gratitude to God for all he has done for us

Asking- prayers we say when we ask Our Lord to intervene for us and Our Lady and the saints to mediate on our behalf

Praise- prayers to express our love for God and all he has created

Sorry- prayers we use to say sorry

Structure of Prayer:

When children compose their own prayers they should be taught to use the ‘You, Who, Do’ structure.

You- the greeting   e.g. ‘Hail Mary’                                                                                                      

Whocompliment   e.g. ‘full of grace’ 

Doyour request   e.g. ‘pray for us sinners now’

Teaching of formal prayers:

Formal prayers are used on a daily basis. These can be found on the ‘Teach us to Pray’ powerpoint - please click below. 

Teach us to Pray