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Come to join us for our 'STAY AND PRAY' sessions! Held on the last Tuesday of the month, every month.

This is a wonderful opportunity to collect together, pray and meditate with your children in school.  Pray is integral to our lives as Christians - we gather, we listen, we respond and we go forth with Love in our hearts.

In September we took part in a guided meditation,

where we celebrated the Creation and said thank you for everything God Created.

In the month of October we will be praying to Mary, Mother of Jesus.  In November we praying for Harvest and in December we will be singing our worship for our forthcoming King!

We look forward to our Collective Worship with you, see you then! 


For more information please talk to Mrs Luckman, Mrs Clarke or one of our school Liturgy team...



We love God, we Love learning and we Love one anther

at St Anne's Catholic Academy Nursery!


All of our Nursery children enjoy coming to nursery, it is our priority that they feel safe, valued and secure.  We ensure that they learn in a stimulating environment filled with wonder and awe. We give them a wide range of experiences that inspire them to become independent learners, learners that are happy to actively learn, explore, be creative and think critically about the challenges that they embark upon.  Our fully qualified teachers scaffold, support and extend the children in their learning enabling them to achieve the most they can in the earliest years of life.


We wholeheartedly encourage you as parents and carers to be fully involved in Nursery life and help to plan your child's next steps in their learning. You are your child's first and foremost carer and we know that together we can achieve wonderful things for them! We are here to work for them and help them to progress and we know that with your support our Nursery children will make accelerated progress in all areas of the curriculum.


Learning outside the Classroom is an integral part of our learning.  We plan many exciting lessons outside and believe that the outdoor environment offers a natural stimulus in which the children can ask questions and enhance their learning without fear of failure. You will see lots of the wonderful learning your children are doing all around our Nursery Classroom, we celebrate all children’s achievements on our learning walls.  Please have a look at our Notice Board to keep up to date with the events and activities your child will be taking part in - it is going to be a very exciting year!

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