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Local Academy Committee

Welcome to our Local Academy Committee (LAC) section.


Please find below details of how our LAC is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each member.


We have also provided a Register of  Interests and an Annual Statement of Issues for your information.

On 1st March 2015, Saint Anne’s became an academy; joining with Our Lady of the Angels Infant School, Saint Joseph’s Junior School, Saint Francis Primary School, Saint Benedict’s Primary School and Saint Thomas More Secondary School. Collectively we are known as The Holy Spirit Catholic Multi Academy. This means that we work together and with the Catholic Diocese of Birmingham rather than a Local Authority.


Instead of a Governing Body, we have a Local Academy Committee which then reports to the Board of Directors. The Local Academy Committee is fully committed to ensuring that the school provides an environment that will enable the children’s spiritual, academic, social and physical needs to be met and maximised within the needs of not only the National Curriculum but the desires of parents and teachers alike. We support the mission and vision of the school and aim to develop the school in a way, which ensure high quality education for now and the future.


Our role is to not only to monitor the compliance with statutory requirements of the Secretary of State for Education but that of the Diocese of Birmingham and most importantly the wants and needs of the children in the care and trust of St. Anne's.

Foundation Representatives

Foundation Representatives 1 Chair - Mr. K. Dunnion
Foundation Representatives 2 Vice Chair - Fr. S. Hall
Foundation Representatives 3 Mr. J. Smith
Foundation Representatives 4 Mr. S. Ashton
Foundation Representatives 5 Mr. O. Bath
Foundation Representatives 6 Mrs. H. Brown

Parent Representatives

Parent Representatives 1 Mrs. C. Brayne
Parent Representatives 2 Mrs. J. Gray
Parent Representatives 3 Mrs. A. Staley

Staff Representatives

Staff Representatives 1 Mrs. R. Luckman

Senior Leadership

Senior Leadership 1 Principal - Mrs. S. Hubbard

Clerk to the Committee

Clerk to the Committee 1 Mrs. D. Elkin


Committees and Responsibilities



Resources.                     Performance & Standards.

        TBC                                         TBC



Performance, Pay and Appraisal.



Review Officer -  TBC      


Staff Dismissal.

All eligible members would form the pool from which to draw three members


Staff Dismissal Appeal.

All eligible members would form the pool from which to draw three members excluding those members who served on the first committee.


Pupil Discipline Committee.

All eligible members would form the pool from which to draw three members.


Named Members:

Safeguarding/Child Protection TBC

SEN / CLA                             TBC

Link Governor         

H&S and Premises                 TBC                           

Pupil Premium                       TBC


Member Responsibilities in line with School Priorities.

Priority 1        

Priority 2        

Priority 3        

Priority 4         These would be reviewed in the Autumn term


Terms of reference were approved.




The Holy Spirit Multi Academy
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