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Attendance and Punctuality


From the beginning of the school year, our attendance figures are being monitored. Our target is 97% and our current figure is 94.7%.

We all need to work together to keep improving attendance and punctuality in our school.


Attendance figures for the week beginning 10th October 2016


These figures are based on children in class at the start of registration at 9:00am each day. Children who are not in class at this time are classed as late.


Reception 92.9%


Year 1       95.0%


Year 2      98.1%


Year 3      96.6%


Year 4      98.7%Congratulations Year 4!


Year 5      92.6%


Year 6      98.1%


The class which has the highest attendance wins an extra session on the play equipment during a lunchtime.


In 2014-2015, attendance including Nursery was 94.6% and excluding Nursery was 94.8%. The Department for Education has raised the target to 97% for the current academic year.


If you know your child will be arriving late, please inform either the Office or the Class Teacher the previous day, giving details of whether a school dinner will be needed.


Children who are unavoidably late should report to the Office on arrival. This is important as school dinners have to be ordered each morning and are calculated from morning registers.


If your child is ill or has an appointment, we would be grateful if you could let us know as soon as possible. A written explanation of any absence should be sent with the child when they return. If this does not happen then the absence will be recorded as unauthorised, details of which have to be reported to the Department for Education.


Children will not be allowed to leave the school premises during school hours unless accompanied by a parent. If your child is to be collected by another adult, the class teacher will require either written or verbal permission from a parent beforehand.


We operate an award scheme for good attendance on a termly and annual basis.

Holidays with parents during term time must be applied for by filling in a holiday form available from the Office. Two weeks is the maximum time allowed during any one school year.

Authorised and Unauthorised absence of pupils of compulsary scholl age 2014-2015
Pupil Information

Pupils on roll

(excluding Nursery)

Authorised Absence 4.3%
Unauthorised Absence 1.1%